Month in Numbers: March 2016

We’ve thrown together some of the most intriguing digital marketing statistics, fresh off the press in March (and one throwback stat from February 2014, just for fun). We throw the spotlight on Instagram’s decreasing post interaction rate, the increasing adoption of social media advertising and wonder why 16% of businesses don’t rely on data for business strategy development.


Instagram interaction down 37.5%

Data made available in March suggests that Instagram experienced a 37.5% decrease in post interaction rate (total likes and shares divided by total posts and followers) from the beginning to the end of 2015. The social platform is attributing this to a 17% increase in posts per day over the same period, which suggests that it’s a quantity over quality type situation.

They tried (and somewhat failed) to fix this problem by using algorithmic user feeds (photos at the top of feeds are ones that Instagram thinks will be interacted with, rather than the old chronological order) – the same approach adopted by parent company Facebook and rival Twitter. I suspect that there may also be user revolt at play, due to last year’s advertising boom on the platform.


75% see return on social media

Three-quarters of businesses who advertise on social media are seeing a return on investment. This figure is reportedly up year-on-year by a whopping 166%, likely due to both social advertising technology advancements and the improving skills of digital marketers leveraging the platforms. No surprises in the social media platforms offering the best rates of return, with Facebook leading the way, followed by Twitter and YouTube. Expect to see YouTube close the gap in the near future, as more companies move away from TV in favour of online video advertising.


business strategy thinking

84% rely on data for business strategy

I’ve included this stat simply because I’m surprised it isn’t 100%. Just 84% of companies consider data to be vital to the development of strategy development – the other 16% must be those who are willing to gamble on their instincts. The 84% who do put faith in the power of data also believe that if their customer data was air-tight, they’d be able to increase revenue by up to 29%. We love reliable business data at Attacat, which is why we’re upfront about our geekery when it comes to Google Analytics setups.

Blast from the past: February 2014

I’ve scoured the Month in Numbers vault for this stat from Charlie in February 2014. It’s been over 2 years now since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. Take it away, Charlie:

Yep, you guessed it, this is the biggest stat of the month. This is the price Facebook has paid for WhatsApp, the cross-platform mobile messaging app. It’s a pretty incredible amount I’m sure you’ll agree and to put it into perspective we found this insightful Tumblr blog on things that are cheaper than WhatsApp.


My favourites include the 50 most expensive paintings ever sold and an MMR vaccine for every child in the world. When you think of it that way it’s pretty silly, right?


And that’s it for March 2016’s edition of Month in Numbers. As always, feel free to start a discussion in the comments section below and share this monthly installment of digital marketing stats with your friends and colleagues!


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