Month in Numbers: May 2013

Month in Numbers May
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May has been a month of milestones for YouTube and Apple! Plus, it also held some really interesting stats in terms of how many people have STILL never used the internet, as well as a whole load of Twitter stats… so grab a cuppa, sit down and soak these numbers up…


According to a report from Adobe this is the number of businesses that do not have a mobile site or an app despite the massive growth in mobile traffic. The report, which were the results of a survey of over 1800 digital marketers, showed that companies who were investing in mobile optimised sites were, compared to those using a desktop site, 3 times more likely to have a conversion rate of 5% or above.


The percentage of surveyed companies in the same Adobe report who allocated 15% or less of their marketing budget on optimisation activities.

Month in Numbers May - abobe conversion

However the survey also found that companies who spent more on optimisation were definitely benefiting from it with those who were investing more than 25% of their marketing budget being twice as likely to have a higher conversion rate.

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Figures from Quarter 1 released from Garter show that nearly 75% of smartphones in this period sold were android. Samsung stole the show accounting for almost 31% of all smartphones sold while Apple came number 2 with 18%. 

7 million

More than seven million adults in the UK have never used the internet according to the Office for National Statistics. Those least likely to have ventured online are the over 75’s compared to 99% of 16-24 year olds having used the web though there was a marked increase in the older generation using the internet in the last 2 years (23.8% in 2011 compared with 34.3% this year).

50 Billion

Apple have hit a massive milestone announcing that they officially hit the 50 billion app download mark (unique downloads that is). Brandon Ashmore who downloaded the 50th billion app was given a $10,000 App Store gift card by Apple to celebrate – that’s a whole lotta downloads! The App Store offers more then 850,000 apps to iPhones, iPad and iPod touch users in 155 countries with customers downloading more than 800 apps per second and two billion apps per month!

4.4 billion

This is the number of tracks streamed in the last 12 months from sites that include Spotify, We7 and Napster. The most streamed song was ‘We Are Young’ by Fun ft Janelle Monae followed by Carly Rae Jepsens’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ (An Attacat favourite!) coming second.


This is the number of hours of video per minute that is uploaded to YouTube. The site turned 8 this month and celebrated with this amazing milestone which also works out as more than 4 days of video being uploaded every minute! The site now has 1 billion users per month equating to 1 of 2 people on the internet. 


The amount that Yahoo bought Tumbler for this month – mostly in cash! It announced that it was going to keep it as an independent company with David Karp continuing as Chief Executive Officer. Tumblr now hosts 108 million blogs with a total of 50.7 billion posts. Yahoo is expecting Tumblr to expand their audience by 50% and grow traffic by 20%.

114 million

The three minute Real Beauty Dove advert that went viral on YouTube has become the most watched video ad of all time with 114 million views bumping Evian Roller Babies from the top spot. It has also become the third most shared ad of all time. The advert was uploaded in 25 languages to 33 of the brands YouTube channels.


This is the percentage of the population who has access to four screens when at home (TV, Computer, smartphone and tablet). This is up from 11% of people 6 months ago. The research from futurePROOF also showed that tablets within a household were often shared by 2 or more adults and 79% of tablets users with children said that they let them use them – meaning that brands should be aware of the vast audience they could be targeting on tablets. Tablets are also used mostly at home rather than out and about, and  just 7% of those with a tablet at home say they use it out of home on a daily basis.


This is the percentage of people who use their laptop to research travel options, however according to the research from JiWire it looks as though they are just as likely to turn to their mobile devices (49% on tablet, 48% smartphone).

May month in numbers travel

This shows a significant difference from 2011 where 17% of consumers researched travel decisions on mobile and only 3% made a booking on their phones.


The amount that Facebook users has dropped in the UK in the last year. This is, according to a YouGov report due to privacy concerns and irritation with social media marketing. Of the 45% of people on Facebook who liked or joined the the page of a brand 35% of users hid companies updates if they updated too often. Along with this only 1 in 20 Facebook users had clicked on  Facebook ads in the last year – looks like a different, sharper approach is needed on Facebook to target key audiences.


This percentage of UK shoppers do the majority of their shopping online with the average monthly spend shooting from £56 a month to £113 a month in the past decade. One in ten admitted to buying something online at least once a day or more!


This is the percentage of tweets that contain brand mentions in the UK. Brands are mentioned more than music or celebrities according to a report conducted by Brandwatch into the study of conversation and behaviour on Twitter, the report is stuffed FULL of juicy stats which analysed 10,000 randomly selected tweets. It also discovered that Twitter usage in the UK is approximately 62% engagement and 38% broadcast with male users complaining more frequently while female users tend to tweet about more ‘personal’ matters.


That’s all from this month’s LONG round up folks! Join us next time for June’s Month In Numbers post. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!

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