Month in Numbers: May 2015

A quick glance at some of this month’s intriguing statistics in the world of digital marketing. From watching paint dry to leaving shopping carts behind (I promise it relates to digital marketing), May’s edition of Month in Numbers probably asks more questions than it answers.




Guess which social media site’s users are 80% female? 56 million of the total 70 million Pinterest users are women, with many marketers overlooking the significance of this demographic stronghold. Furthermore, 77% of these women fall into the 18-54 age bracket. The researchers who uncovered these statistics are calling for online marketers to consider the seemingly undervalued social media platform in their future plans.




People who view videos on ecommerce websites are 64% more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, product pages with strategically placed video content experienced a 134% increase in conversions in a recent trial. Users tend to feel a stronger sense of engagement with websites offering video content which can be quantitatively observed in session time improvements. It’s important to remember that the content of videos you post on ecommerce sites must be tailored to the different stages of the sales funnel. If you need guidance regarding the creation of any content whatsoever, feel free to give us a bell.




A statistically drab equal split with an intriguing significance. A study conducted by Blue Nile Research suggests that half of internet users search in fragmented queries with the remaining half employing the full query approach. ‘Query fragmenters’ are hell-bent on getting results quickly, searching for terms like ‘internet marketing scotland’ and are willing to click through to multiple sites until they are satisfied. Full searchers take the time to structure their queries in full sentence form in an attempt to find the most relevant results. Which search type do you prefer to use?





2 billion


This is the number of videos watched per day by users on Snapchat. In comparison to Facebook (7 years older and 10 times the members), where users watch roughly 4 billion videos per day, it’s no surprise Snapchat executives are distributing a lengthy sales pitch pleading for more advertising to be tailored to their platform. Snapchat continues to evolve their service and probably don’t get the marketing attention that these statistics warrant. Any thoughts on why this might be the case?




The number of people who voluntarily chose to watch paint dry on May 14. Yes, you did read that sentence correctly and it funnily enough does have significance in the world of digital marketing. Glidden Paint live-streamed (ahhhh, there’s the significance) a man painting a wall and then invited users to return to their screens in the afternoon to watch it dry. The live-stream service provider of choice was Periscope (you may like to read up on their impressive growth). This contributes to the debate about the eagerness of people to watch live events however mundane they seem to be. Read more about this method of gaining people’s’ attention in the most recent edition of our Reading List.


People Around Table



The increase in spend of people who’ve received email offers compared to those that don’t. Furthermore, research suggests that 44% of people who receive promotional emails make at least one purchase per annum from the sender of said emails. Email marketing continues to prove an effective digital marketing medium with many attributing recent growth to smartphone and tablet usage behaviour.




The alarmingly large share of online shopping carts that are abandoned before a purchase is made. It’s a huge problem for online marketers who often struggle to understand why so many users leave their fully stocked trolleys in the aisles (so to speak). If you’d like to shed any light on the subject (perhaps with some relatable personal experiences), feel free to leave a comment below.


Abandon shopping

That’s all for this edition of Month in Numbers. We’d love to hear any thoughts of yours regarding the statistics in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more upcoming posts in The Brain.

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2 thoughts on “Month in Numbers: May 2015”

  1. Claire Brennan says:

    I impulsively fill up carts, but my alter ego (Elaine, her name is) manages to start thinking practically and talk me out of it. Perhaps some ads clarifying that I do really need the items would help in sales. I’m pretty easily persuaded.

  2. Anna White says:

    I put stuff in my cart on big websites like Next and ASOS so that I can remember what I liked and don’t have to go back and trawl through to re-find something I saw. I then flick back and forward between the sites, decide which lovely shoes or top I like best, and check those ones out. Can’t be bothered with wish lists or favourites, much easier to just pop stuff in my cart. Other thing is I fill up cart then the one item I really wanted turns out to be out of stock so I am so hacked off I just abandon the purchase…..fickle us customers!

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