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‘Tis about to be the season where the main figures of note are the number of shopping days till Christmas, how many of those pesky lords actually went a-leaping, and of course the mince pies: pounds gained ratio.

But before all that tinsel-strewn tomfoolery kicks off, let’s wax numerical about November shall we?


The percentages of tweets sent between May 2010 and October 2011 that weren’t in languages other than English – with a 2146% rise in the number of Arabic twitter messages. Full article.


The juggernaut of mobile continues to plough full steam ahead: this is the percentage of smartphone users who have made a purchase on a mobile. Time to get optimising emails and websites for mobile usage to be sure. Full article.

300 000

The “digital divide” is shrinking: this is the number people in the UK who went online for the first time ever in Q3 this year. Full article.


Notching up another key metric for mobile, EMarketer is forecasting that this is due to be the percentage of total search revenues made up by mobile paid search spending in 2012. Full article.


The percentage of ecommerce site visitors that are logged into Facebook, according to a study conducted by Sociable Labs, with thoughts on how companies can leverage this social data to personalise sites for their visitors. Full article.


In the results of one survey, the surprising percentage of small businesses who won’t be investing more in social media in 2012, citing foot-in-mouth fears of “saying the wrong thing”, amongst others. Full article.

And finally, because it’s about to be Christmas…


At time of writing, the number of YouTube Hits for John Lewis’s Christmas 2011 advert. Being a bit of a sap, I can vouch, eyes swimming, for at least 6 of these views. Wait…better make that 3053261… See it for yourself.


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