Month in Numbers – November 2012

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Say hello to the last Month In Numbers of 2012 – what a month it has been, in fact what a year it has been! We have seen Chrome overtake Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser worldwide, we have seen the iPhone 5  be launched and released and statistics now show that the internet population has doubled in the last 5 years from 1.15 to 2.27 billion!

As the date draws nearer to crack open the brandy and don your Christmas jumper don’t forget to celebrate the ‘has been’ numbers of last month and find out why it wasn’t such a great one for Justin Bieber.



The number of retweets Barack Obama has received to date for his ‘Four more years’ tweet after his re-election, blowing Justin Bieber’s previous record right out of the water.



This is the number of views that the K-pop single Gangnam Style now has on YouTube. Another online fail for Justin as it has knocked his ‘Baby’ video off the top spot for the most viewed video on YouTube. Not an easy task with his hyper devoted Beliebers (yes that is the official name for a mega Bieber fan) but PSY has managed it. All together now ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’!



How much more likely men are to use the internet than women.

It has long been claimed through studies that men and women use the internet differently, but the Office of National Statistics has now claimed that in the United Kingdom men (87%) are more likely to use the internet than women (83%).

In terms of regions, London has the highest number of internet users (88%) compared to the lowest number of users in Northern Ireland (77%).



The number of Google search referrers that are now marked ‘Not provided’. Just over a year ago Google began encrypting searches by default for users signed into Google. As a result 39% of search queries from Google have their search terms withheld.



Is one of the most expensive Google Adword Phrases and is for the phrases ‘Online Live Roulette’. Along with the Gambling phrases, ‘Claims and Compensations’, ‘Insurance’ and ‘Computing’ also have incredibly high Adword costs. Interestingly though, American and UK keyword costs have significant variations, with Gambling not appearing at all as an expensive phrase for American PPC terms.



of marketers are placing a greater emphasis on social media for their external communications and this is said to be due to the increased importance of social media in their consumers’ daily lives.



Despite 70% of marketers placing a greater emphasis on social media, 70% of Facebook brand pages are inactive. Celebrity fan pages have seen an increase in the number of likes however businesses have seen a fall during the same period. If you want to increase engagement on your company’s Facebook page pop up an interesting photo – this is shown to get the highest engagement rate compared to other content shared on Facebook.



Is the percentage of the top 50 UK websites that now comply with the EU cookie law. Despite this none of the top sites in France or Germany have taken any steps towards complying with the law. How about trying out The Attacat Cookie Tool to see what cookies your site is using and to create your own privacy policy.



The percentage of business that fail to provide an email address to non-customers. Epitica’s Multichannel Customer Experience Survey  looked at 100 organisations and their responses to customers via their webpage, social media profiles and also via email. 28% of these companies performed worse when compared to last year’s results with email coming out as the most neglected method of communication.


450 million

Is the number of monthly users on Wikipedia. Also did you know on the 15th of January Wikipedia will be 12 years old?


375 million

The number of hours Experian predicts UK consumers will spend shopping online in December. An expected 115 million of these hours will be spent shopping online on cyber Monday (3rd December). 2012 is set to be another record breaking year for online retail.


So that’s all from this round up folks, join us at the start of January for Decembers round up – as long as the Mayan end of the world prediction doesn’t come true! In the meantime if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below and have a great festive break!

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3 thoughts on “Month in Numbers – November 2012”

  1. Re: Men are 4% more likely than women to use the internet.

    Do you think this is because there are more old ladies than old men?

    • christie says:

      Hi Richard,

      Interesting point. I actually would have thought it to be the other way around, with women using the internet more since research shows the much greater use of social media among women and the time spend on it in comparison to men. (
      I have heard though that men use the internet more as they are a more intense internet user, as in they log on more often and will look up a wider variety of topics and spend their spare time there.


  2. Lewis Gill says:

    Gambling will be an expensive phrase soon enough in America with the online gambling bill on it’s way. Then again maybe not, as poker is not seen as gambling per se…but i guess it is to the masses

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