Month in Numbers: November 2013

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So here it is, the last Month In Numbers of 2013, next month’s will be our annual ‘Year In Numbers’ post! Published at the very start of January it will cover lots of special 2013 numbers which managed to escape our previous posts.

47.8 million

KatyPerry soared past Justin Bieber at the start of November and bagged the title of being the most popular person on Twitter. Lady Gaga who previously held the top spot is not far behind in 3rd place with just over 40 million followers. In terms of influence in the UK it is celebrities, mainly in the form of One Direction who are considered to rank the highest, more so even than world leaders:

twitter influence

904 million

Whilst on the topic of Twitter, PeerReach released a whole host of interesting facts about the social networking platform this month looking into the question of how it can keep growing. One fact that came out of it was Twitter now has 904 million registered accounts but only 232 million monthly active users, although about 40% of these active monthly users don’t actually tweet they only login for a nosy around.


It has been estimated that more than 47% of Western Europe’s mobile phone users will have a smartphone by the end of this year and according to a recent report by Adobe 12.4% of all seasonal online sales in key Western European Markets will be made on a mobile device this year. In the UK it has been projected that 20.4% of online holiday sales will happen via mobile.


Info released this month has revealed that bloggers are in the top 5 sources of reliable information. 81% of the online population trusts bloggers and 61% of the population has made a purchase based on a blogger recommendation.


On Black Friday this year it is estimated that 9/10 parents will use their Smartphones while looking for gifts for their children and 44% will purchase the gifts using their phones according to a survey from IAB. The top activities include checking for the dream items availability before they brave the shops (55%), finding items that are on sale (50%) and researching the perfect gift idea (49%).


Searches for beauty products soared by a massive 48% during the month of September compared to the previous quarter. Nailcare saw a 142% increase and fragrance a 118% increase. Returns for these searches led with on top and who accounted for 41% of the organic returns while gathered up 52% of the paid listings.

online beauty


According to the annual Conversion Rate Optimisation Report only this percentage of companies test their websites with 60% testing their emails and 59% testing landing pages. However 7% of companies surveyed don’t test anything on their websites at all and companies with a large increase in sales carried out over two times as many tests as the average.


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas advert and John Lewis never fails, this year’s bear and hare effort generated a total of 63,857 social media posts since the beginning of November to the 21st with 69% of these being positive, 25% neutral and only 5% negative.


A study from Cloud.IQ has shown that online retailers on average experience cart abandonment at a 25% higher rate during the week than at the weekend, with a Wednesday is the worst day for abandoned carts. Don’t get down though, use it to inform your remarketing strategy!

£14.8 billion

GroupM’s recent research has found that ad spend in the UK for 2013 is set to reach £13.9 billion with figures in 2014 expected to reach £14.8 billion. According to the report digital spending which includes paid search will reach £6.1 billion in 2013, a 17% increase from 2012. Spend in UK paid search has doubled since 2008.


The Oxford Dictionary international Word of the Year is ‘Selfie’ beating off competition from words such as ‘twerk’ and ‘bitcoin.’ The word’s frequency in the English language has increased by 17,000% in the last year.



That’s all from this month’s round up folks! Join us next time for the Year In Numbers rundown special. In the meantime, if you know of any interesting stats we could use please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!

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