Month in Numbers: November 2014

With the lead up to Christmas the biggest stats from November and going forward are likely to revolve around e-commerce activity. In November’s case; Black Friday, the biggest day of the year for retailers, and consumers alike. 2014 is the first year that the UK have actually embraced Black Friday and  boy did it go off with a bang, with riots, arrests and stores forced to close their doors early across the nation.

Some UK retailers experienced complete online blackouts, with the average waiting time to gain access to the Curry’s website being 43 minutes. That and more in November’s Month in Numbers.


EMarketer estimates that Apple’s mobile ad network iAd will only account for 3.3 percent of the U.S mobile ad marketing this year.



As you’d imagine, the high flyers here are Google and Facebook, who between them control over 70% of the market.

384 ti 174 with 56 abstentions

A few weeks ago the European Commission voted to ‘break up Google’. The Commission is calling for the creation of a single digital market in Europe, it’s purpose being to:

  • Increase tax revenue
  • Promote ‘non-discriminatory online search’
  • Prevent ‘secondary exploitation’ of search data
  • Develop uniform European rules for cloud computing and
  • Promote net neutrality


The report follows on to state that it’s very unlikely that the European Commission would try to break apart the search engine from the rest of the company. It could however potentially result in Google Europe having its own privacy policy and its own rules for personalisation and ad-targeting.

Several billion

Twitter has announced that they have now indexed all public tweets, giving users the ability to search through a complete list of historical tweets, which is roughly half a trillion posts.

Going forward this means that Twitter’s index will grow by several billion tweets each week. The real-time search engine said that they’d be rolling out this new search capability in the next first days, showing all tweets first in the ‘All’ tab before integrating them into other tabs such as the ‘Top’ tab.

So what about Black Friday?


£233 million

UK shoppers were set to save £233m over the course of the Black Friday Weekend, including a saving of £98m on Cyber Monday alone.


According to statistics by SocialBro, 46% of Twitter users plan to shop in the Black Friday sales.


Black Friday is the biggest consumer shopping day of the year in the US, and has been for many years, with each person expected to spend an average of $800 throughout the Black Friday Weekend.

The UK hasn’t been as quick to catch on with this shopping extravaganza. Interest has only really spiked in the past 6 months (and can I just say that I’m ok with this fact).

black friday trends in UK

further black friday trends
10am, 28th November

This is the optimal time to tweet about your Black Friday deal. Good times to tweet about the lead up to Black Friday included 3pm on Tuesday 25th, 9pm on Wednesday 26th and 11pm on Thursday.

Check out this blog post for get an insight into how UK retailers have gone about their Black Friday sales, including the likes of Very, John Lewis, Currys and Asda.

How did you get on with Black Friday? Grab yourself a bargain or are you just a bit ‘meh’ like the rest of us?

Next month expect stats that revolve around tinsel, mince pies and you guessed it, CHRISTMAS!! Would you expect anything less? Let us know if you’ve seen other interesting digital stats over the past month.

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