Month in Numbers: November 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominated our digital world in November, never mind the usual mad rush preparing sites and business strategies for online Christmas shopping. November’s Month in Numbers looks at forecasts for online spend in the UK related to Christmas, the ever-improving results for businesses who advertise on Facebook and other equally nerdy digital statistics.


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£7.8 million

The increase in spend on Facebook advertising employed by Shop Direct across the past 7 months. Earlier in the year, the UK’s second largest online pure play retailer decided to ramp up their spend on Facebook, reaching a total Facebook adspend of £8 million in November. Their gradual transition to a pure digital business model over the past decade, and their aggressive social media strategy has seen them go from losing £60 million over one financial year to being £70 million in the black in 2014/15. Quite a turnaround, and a shining testament to the digital model as a whole. Still not sold on the value of Facebook advertising? Check out Andrew’s article outlining 6 reasons to use Facebook advertising.

 £17 billion

This is the UK’s forecasted online Christmas-related shopping spend this year. Other stats uncovered by Adobe‘s survey include that nearly a quarter of all Christmas-related transactions will occur on a portable device and that 45% of UK consumers consider customer reviews among the most important purchase-influencers at Christmas time. What do these two figures mean for online businesses, especially over Christmas? Mobile-friendly sites, strategic paid mobile strategies and effective plans to harvest customer reviews are musts.



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The portion of Gen Ys who believe they are addicted to their smartphone. Take a look around at peoples’ phone habits and this isn’t overly surprising, and it’s more than likely that the comparable figure for Gen Z will be higher. The same study by Invoca found that this generational cohort much prefer to contact businesses by phone call (66%) as opposed to social media (22%) and other communication channels. Gearing your business’ mobile strategy towards attracting phone calls could make real sense then, depending of course on your key target demographics.


In spite of the fact that it’s believed to be one of the most successful digital strategies, only 8% of companies have a dedicated email marketing team. Staying in touch with highly engaged (as well as somewhat dormant) customers with tailored, strategic email messaging has time and again proven extremely effective at improving the bottom line. With nearly half of all emails being opened first on mobile devices, it’s extremely important to consider how your emails look and perform on mobile devices to ensure you’re getting the best results. Despite this, 39% of digital marketers don’t consider mobile-friendliness in their email marketing campaigns.


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Another stat showing huge confidence in businesses investing in Facebook advertising. November saw global Facebook adspend increase by a whopping 45% year-on-year. And another stat suggesting that mobile is the way of the future (give it a break, right?): Of all sales revenue being attributed to Facebook ads, nearly 80% comes from mobile conversions. If you’re managing social media accounts, you should have a paid promotion strategy.

That’s it for November’s Month in Numbers. We hope you’ve taken away some interesting stats that you can slip into conversation as required (and look really smart because of it). Merry Christmas!

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