Month in Numbers – October 2010

Attacat - the month in numbers

30 million

The number of users twitter has added in the past 2 months – taking its total number of registered users to 175 million. Read more at TechCrunch


The number of adults in a U.S. survey commissioned by software developer ATG that said they discover products through search engines. Read full article at Search Engine Land

100 billion pounds

The amount of money the internet contributes to the UK economy each year. Although according to Polly Purvis Scotland is not taking it’s share! Read more at Scotland on Sunday


The number of acquisitions that Google have made this year, costing them a total of $1.6 billion. Read the full report at Search Engine Land


The number of Attacats that were nearly late for work on Monday because like thousands of other iPhone users their alarms went off an hour late!

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