month in numbers – October 2012

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As the days get shorter and darker and the clocks go back the only thing that really cheers up October is that special day at the end of  the month, the one where adults can acceptably go out in public dressed up. Oh, and of course the occasional pumpkin carving session too. So, what better way to brighten up the newly colder days than to look forward to the foretasted hottest day on the e-commerce calendar in preparation for Christmas! But while we wait around for that day to come, here are some other internet type numbers to keep your inner-geek warm and toasty…



As Christmas is approaching this may be something to consider if you haven’t already. According to a report from VoucherCodes 67% is the percentage of UK adults that go online to find discount vouchers. Great for getting the perfect present at a lower price maybe!?



of people believe that content will become more and more important in their marketing strategies. It is considered a great SEO strategy and is equally important for brand awareness, customer acquisitions and loyalty among so many others,

however …

62% have no content marketing strategy at all and so inevitable will be missing out on the search engine and user rewards that good content can offer…


1 in every 6000

The number of internet searches for the iPad Mini in the week ending 20th October (the run up to Apples launch of the mini tablet on the 23rd October), with lots of leaks coming from them leading up to this in standard Apple style the web was a flurry of searches from people desperate to know more.



Proof that good social media really does pay off – this is the percentage of sales for Foiled Cupcakes that comes from their Facebook fans and Twitter followers  – evidently everyone loves a cupcake!



When a social networking site makes changes to their website there is always a usual pattern – everyone hates it for all of 1 day and then we see results like this. This MASSIVE percentage increase is the increase in engagement on Facebook compared to last year, which the Adobe Report puts down largely to the introduction of Facebook timeline.



The average number of hours per day the Japanese spend online, which is more than any other country in the world. Obviously not more than the Attacat office though, who would beat the Japanese average by miles!


87 Billion

spam mail – everybody gets it and we all hate it and this is the average daily amount of spam emails sent worldwide – would be a great figure to know how many of these are actually acted upon – they seems so pointless!


So that’s all from this round up folks, join us at the end of November for some more number fun and in the mean time if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below!

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