Month in Numbers: October 2013

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October is over, cast aside your Russell Brand wig into the dress up box for next year’s Halloween party, and embrace the newly dark evenings with this lovingly sourced edition of Month In Numbers!


You can’t celebrate Halloween in the modern day without good post on social – everyone wants to see a pic of your pumpkin don’t they? Research from Crimson Hexagon has found that 55% of those tweeting in the UK were discussing their general excitement for the holiday, 8% were talking about going to Halloween parties with 20% of discussions being about costumes and 14% of tweets from businesses or about Halloween themed giveaways.


This is the percentage of teens who last year rated Facebook as the most important social media tool while this year only 23% rates it the most important with Twitter now overtaking. I had a little look at what was going on in Month in Number October 2012 and saw that there had been an increase of 896% in engagement due to the introduction of the new timeline, however it seems one year on popularity for the site is waning?


LinkedIn held their Mobile Day event this month and at it announced that 38% of their monthly unique visitors now come from mobile, in some markets reaching as high as 50%. They also announced that these users who access the site on mobile as well as on desktop are 2.5 times more active than those who use desktop only.


LinkedIn aren’t the only ones with a booming mobile market – Twitter revealed this month that they gain 70% of their revenue from mobile – up 5% since last quarter. The sites user base is also up 6% since the last quarter now sitting at 231.7 million average monthly active users.


YouTube’s 1 billion+ user base are also rapidly turning mobile – a massive 40% of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile devices, Google announced, up from 25% in 2012 and only 6% in 2011.


The YouTube stat above could have something to do with this stat here, 57% of online adults (18-49 year olds) watch video on social media – many of these are probably watched via mobile.


Google, Facebook and YouTube together accounted for 13.37% of the total UK visits to online properties in September 2013. No other single website ranked above a 2% share. Despite the massive domination of these sites the share of visits  have actually reduced since December 2012 as other sites such as eBay UK, Windows Live Mail and the BBC homepage have increased.


New data has revealed that nearly 40% of children under 2 are taking advantage of mobile media to play games, watch videos or for a similar media related purpose. This number has grown from just 10% in 2011. By the age of 8 72% of children will have used a smartphone, tablet or similar device.


Cross-Screen advertising is a hot topic at the moment shown by this set of stats from Undertone that over 90% of advertisers plan to launch a cross screen campaign in the next year and 80% of those marketers are interested in incorporating responsive design into campaigns.

89 million

This is the number of people who will watch an online video today – and that’s just the US alone. In 2012 an average of 1.3 billion global online videos viewers watched on average 180 each month. YouTube’s users watch over 6 billion hours of video each month – this number has risen by 50% in the last year alone! Video is pulling in massive numbers.


According to data scientist at HubSpot, Dan Zarrella, images that are uploaded directly onto Twitter are 94% more likely to be retweeted than those uploaded using another method. Tweets containing Instagram links are 42% less likely to be retweeted on Twitter and tweets with Facebook images 47% less likely.


Research revealed in October found that the average British web user now spends one in every 12 waking minutes online. So dependent on the web are you? Find out more and test your addict status – I certainly have a serious problem!


This is the amount of polled UK digital shoppers and buyers who said that the laptop or PC was the primary device they used for digital clothes shopping (80.8%). Tablets came in far behind at second at 8.5%. The biggest problem with fashion retailers sites was that it was not easy enough to tell whether the items would fit.


The UK advertising spend rose by 3% in the first 6 months of 2013 and has now returned to the pre-recession levels of 2007. Mobile ad spend has increased by 128% with outlook for the next 12 months looking rosy as the growth is set to continue. Predicted forecasts are sitting at a 3.3% growth for 2012 and expenditure set to reach an all time high of £118.7 billion in 2014.

So that’s all from this round up folks, join us at the end of November for some more numbers and stats and in the mean time if you see any interesting ones please do pop them in the comment section below!


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