Month in Numbers: October 2015

In October’s somewhat spooky edition of Month in Numbers, we look at the effect that small changes in average app ratings can have on downloads, why the UK is stressing out over content marketing and a few fun Halloween related stats.


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Nearly half of all adults in the UK believe that being bombarded by irrelevant online content is contributing to their increasing levels of stress (check out this interactive map to see the worst affected areas). Of those that reported increasing stress levels, the main contributors were emails (the never-ending battle of inbox zero) and social news feeds as well as the perceived burden to stay abreast of any new information being made available to them. 61% of the 1000 respondents reported that they need to remain up to date with everything being made available to them in news feeds and their inbox. Personally, I combat this stress by regularly unfollowing the sources of information that don’t offer value to my daily content consumption. On the other side of the coin, as a business it’s important not to serve your customers with content that they feel burdened to read, but surprise them with content that is tailored to their needs and interests. Brush up on your knowledge of marketing automation which can play a big part in this process.


According to a recent survey, every 15-34 year-old in the UK visits YouTube at least once per month. In addition to having access to everybody in this age group, times are pretty good for YouTube with their average watch time in the UK recently experiencing a 60% year-on-year increase (not to mention average spend from their top 100 advertisers up by the same figure). Video continues to prove itself as a powerful medium in its ability to capture the attention of internet users as well as its growing reach. But the spoils aren’t just for YouTube – there are plenty of things for online marketers to be doing with video. Check out our head of PPC’s thoughts on video landing pages.


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The percentage increase in downloads your app can expect to receive in the wake of a one-star increase in average ratings (from 2 to 3 stars). If you’re able to improve from 3 to 4 stars, you can expect a further 89% increase in downloads. Attaining a 4-star average rating also comes with the added benefit of 96% of the population claiming they would download your app regardless of personal need or opinion. It’s clear then that user-generated reviews are key in encouraging new users to download an app (surprise, surprise). So why then was it found that up to 60% of apps don’t have enough reviews to display an average rating? It probably has a lot to do with poor (or lack of) review harvesting strategies put in place by app developers.

$2 trillion

The forecasted global revenue attributable to call-to-click commerce in 2019. The majority of calls initiated online are triggered by paid and organic search listings, being far more common than display, social and landing page visits. Online marketers must ensure they optimise their search listings for phone calls or risk losing their piece of the $1 trillion pie (as it currently stands) and will continue to do so as this online search trend continues. Get in touch if you’re interested in talking to one of our experts about call tracking and search optimisation for phone calls.


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£283 million

The predicted consumer spend in 2015 on Halloween related products within the UK. The US’s expected Halloween candy sales alone is $2.1 billion which suggests we’re not as invested in the frightening holiday as our American counterparts. This didn’t however stop us from buying more than 3 million Halloween pumpkins from Tesco alone (not to mention inventing the holiday in the first place)!

Thanks for making it through another edition of Month in Numbers. Stay tuned to The Brain this month for a range of great posts from the team including a belated wrap up of brightonSEO.

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