Month In Numbers – October 2016

October’s Month In Numbers is getting off to an early start! Hailing from the rise of m-commerce to the falls of Samsung’s shares, we’ve got a whole range of digital marketing numbers and stats for you this month! Enjoy, and remember to share or add a comment below!


Going out on a low notesamsung-1666557_1920

Leading up to, and shortly after it’s release, the Galaxy Note 7 from electronics giant, Samsung, was regarded as one of the best smartphones released this year, if not ever. This excitement and praise was short-lived when the phones started exploding around the world. What first began as a recall turned into a full out halt on production after the stocks in Samsung dropped 8% – to the tune of £14 billion.



48% of millennials have used a smartphone to plan travel in the past yearsmartphone-1283012_1920

I’m sure we’re all pretty sick of hearing about millennials. Yet another trend they are pushing this year is mobile travel bookings. I’m a bit older than a millennial, but this is definitely one I’m on board for. A recent study by software company, Signal, found that 48% of those in this age group have used a smartphone to plan travel in the past year. With apps such as Trip It and even local company, Skyscanner‘s fantastic flight finding app, it’s easier than ever to do.



Social video will make up 50% of Buzzfeed’s revenue 


Buzzfeed has become one of the biggest online publishers out there and, with their recent foray into video via brand Tasty, they are set to come out on top. These addictive videos, which show you in under 3 minutes how to make all sorts of meals from gluten free baked treats to cauliflower fried “rice”, have become wildly popular. The recipes they produce are increasingly driven by data, using a secret formula to decide within 1 hour whether or not the videos will go viral.



The rise of m-commerceblogger-336371_1920

As mobile usage leaves desktops in the dust, naturally the rise of mobile spending goes along with this. Though it is set to take over, the mobile shopping experience still needs some work. Sites and smartphone producers alike have steadily been making changes to improve this experience and it has been predicted that m-commerce could reach $284 billion – 45% of the total US e-commerce market by 2020!



Happy Perk, Happy Work?


Briefly stepping away from our digital marketing focus, recent research on employee happiness from Perkbox has revealed that 30% of UK workers would describe themselves as unhappy at work. This amounts to almost 6.5 million people who spend their days disengaged, likely highly unproductive and not maximising their potential. Apparently, the happiest in the country are in the East Midlands whereas those in Yorkshire and the Humber tend to be the most unsatisfied.


What are your thoughts? Are you happy in your workplace? Were you affected by the massive Samsung recall? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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