Month In Numbers – September 2016

A bit behind this month with your numbers, but luckily for us, stats never sleep! Due to the tardiness, I’ve thrown a few extras in for you including some interesting numbers from September from various sectors including digital marketing, blogging, transportation and banking!


Impulse buying is in

92 percent of people who researched a product on a mobile device made a purchase within a day. And while 92 percent made a purchase, 76 percent those who researched, ended up visiting a store to purchase. Is it because of the desire for human contact? Or are mobile sites still not user friendly? With 60% of online activity occurring on mobile, you can no longer afford not to be mobile friendly.


Playing with your food finally pays off!

I would likely put it up to the food pics, but according to Bloglovin, Food bloggers have FOUR TIMES the number of social media followers compared to other categories (such as fashion, travel or lifestyle).  While certain categories perform better on different channels, food bloggers tend to perform better overall. Instagram remains incredibly popular for visual based blogging such as travel or fashion, while parenting blogs are the strongest on Twitter.


Banking on the run

Do you rely heavily on your mobile banking app? As a proud budgeter, I have to say I’m pretty crazy about checking in on my balance while I’m on the go. Surprisingly, only 22% of people use mobile banking, though 76% do frequent online banking on another device/via a browser. Refreshingly, 45% of people still like to visit their local brand to discuss their finances face to face.

Despite 76% of customers using online banking and 22% using mobile banking – 45% still like to visit their local branch to talk about issues face-to-face.



E-failing to engage

According to the latest report from Adobe,  although Europeans are spending over 1/3 of their day on email, they are now opening 10% less branded emails. Further analysing found things like the use of excessive emojis, too many messages a day, and the lack of mobile friendliness kept people from engaging. The latter causes 22% to disengage due to poor optimisation.






Digital Docs

As stress and long hours increasingly take a toll on our healthcare professionals, a new survey informs us that 85% of physicians surveyed welcome and believe that digital tools offer a great benefit to overall patient care. Of those, 41% say they improve diagnostic ability, 39% ease the likelihood of burnout and 28% improve the physician-patient rapport and relationship. With great advancements in technology in healthcare (back in July, we reported advances in Google’s DeepMind division), these are not necessarily surprising finds at all and believe this is only the beginning when it comes to healthcare & improved technology.



Public transport at the bottom of the customer experience heap

The annual customer service survey from Engine has announced that, of all sectors, Public Transport provide the worst service and customer experience overall. This was followed by Utilities at 36%, Public Services at 32% and Broadband & Media at 30%. Considering these are all things I’ve had a gripe about in the past 6 months, this doesn’t surprise me at all!



Apple named the most valuable brand in the world

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report shows that Apple is now worth roughly $178.1 billion, which makes it the most valuable brand in the world. The report shows the world’s biggest brands, their percentage of gain or devalue over the past year, and some of it may surprise you! Google, perhaps unsurprisingly, is number 2,  and valued just shy of $45billion less than Apple at $133.3bn. The top 5 rounds out with Coca Cola, Microsoft and Toyota with Amazon in the 8th spot, McDonalds in 12th and Facebook at 15!

apple computer


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