Month In Numbers: September 2013

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A big month for Google as they celebrated their 15th birthday in September, alongside their celebrations there has been a whole host of  stats and facts revealed about them! There have also been a variety of other interesting bits and pieces floating around this month too, and so we look at the best of them all in this months ‘Month In Numbers’:

The 2012 Scottish Household Survey (SHS) was published at the very end of August and is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the attitudes, behaviours and characteristics of Scottish households and individuals across a wide range of issues. Page 79-89 looks at Scotland internet usage and is packed full of numbers and interesting facts.

The SHS asked adults who didn’t use the internet for personal use why this was so and 12% of these respondents stated that it was due to there being nothing of interest on the internet. 32% said that they did not like using it or their computers and 25% said that they did not know how to use the internet or in fact a computer at all.

Google Maps is now the most popular mobile app, as according to a recent survey by GlobalWebIndex it was used by 54% of the global smartphone population last month. YouTube and Google+ apps were used by 35% and 30% of smartphone users respectively which means that Google now owns 3/4 of the four most widely used apps on smartphones.

350 million
Facebook is, despite other site’s such as Snapchat and their growing popularity, the largest image sharing site on the internet according to a white paper released. Every day over 350 million photos are uploaded on average, and as a result images represent the largest source of data usage on Facebook. In total over 250 billion photos have been uploaded in Facebook’s history. To put that into perspective this means that each of Facebook’s 1.15 million users have uploaded an average of 217 photos each and with 2 new users joining every second, it’s only set to grow – there’s a stat with a whole lotta numbers!

200 million
This is the number of tablets expected to sell in 2013 – tablet adoption is expected to jump from 51% to 58% within the next 12 months. Alongside this, with 90% of mobile searches leading to an action and 50% leading to a purchase according to a presentation by Vala Afshar it is becoming even more vital for sites to be optimised for mobile devices and tablets alike.

1.5 million
There are now over this many apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, more than 82 billion will be downloaded worldwide in 2013 but of all of these a quarter gets abandoned after the 1st use – people only really want apps that enhance their lives.

This percentage of UK shoppers have admitted hat they like to look around a store first before buying online from a different retailer. The Brits are also not overly impulsive when shopping (they obviously didn’t survey me…) as the study on shoppers found that 81% of those surveyed only bought what they went in for and nothing else, this compares to the US who are evidently much more impulsive with 57% making impulse purchases.

Google celebrated hitting its mid teens this month with a especially fun doodle involving smashing up a birthday cake pinata. To add to the celebrations  Northstar Research Partners unveiled an infographic looking at Google’s past, present and future. Stats included the massive price of the companies shares at $875 which is 10 times their original value and that they own a huge 85% of the global search market share.

Recent research by InSites Consulting found that 80% of Generation Y -(18-34 year olds) log into social media every day, with 56% using it as a way to communicate and 54% using it as a way of killing time. 12 % of those surveyed admitted to logging onto social media whilst on the toilet (I’ve definitely seen a few Attacat’s take their phones into the bathroom with them!).

Findings from Adforms Quarterly Media Barometer measuring consumer trends and engagement with online display advertising found that consumers are 7% more likely to click on ads during the weekend compared to the rest of the week. Alongside this, the average cost for online adverting at the weekend was found to be at it lowest (12% lower than during the week) – double bonus!

That’s all for this month folks! Join us next time for October’s Month In Numbers rundown. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do let us know!

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