Month in Numbers: September 2014

September was a pretty intense month for Scotland with the Independence Referendum taking place on the 19th, lots of online discussion and as you’d imagine, lot’s of stats. I thought I’d be controversial and not include any referendum-related stats in this edition of Month in Numbers, I figured you’re all sick of hearing about it anyway!

So instead we’ve got statistics on my favourite social photo-sharing platform, customer service barriers and Panda updates.


According to a poll of 2,000 adults run by Econsultancy, the average UK inbox contains 260 unopened emails. According to the poll the majority of the unopened emails are from Brands sending offers and newsletters. I must be bucking the trend, or maybe I don’t have any friends? 🙁

no emails in inbox

The poll also identified that only 19% of people would be more likely to open the emails if the internal content was more personalised but in contrast, 60% would be more likely to open the email if the subject line was personalised.


According to Zendesk 42% of customers feel that having to speak to multiple agents and start over every time is the most frustrating customer service problem. 17% felt it was being kept on hold for long periods, 13% felt it was rude or inexperienced representatives, 12% felt it was frequent service interruptions, 10% said other and 6% felt the most frustrating customer service issue is long windows of waiting for services or fee/price increases.


Waitrose sponsored Instagram appInstagram has said that out of their 200 million active users, 65% of them are outside the US. This statistic comes to light in the same week that Instagram launch sponsored brand ads in the UK. This follows on from the success they’ve had with them since launching ads in the US back in September 2013.

The first brands to be making a sponsored appearance on Instagram are Waitrose, Starbucks, Channel 4 and Cadbury. Some people are calling these ads ‘native advertising’ because of the so-called seamless integration of them into the Instagram experience.

6 million

There are approximately 6 million 4G users in the UK, which accounts for 8% of all active mobile subscriptions. Just a year ago EE was the only mobile provider to offer the 4G service and their early dominance has given them a clear advantage even today. They’re still the majority for 4G usage, above O2 and Vodafone.


Search Engine Land has stated that on average, 71.33% of searches result in a page one Google organic click with page two and three only getting 5.59% of the clicks. As you’d imagine, the first SERPs result gains the majority of the clicks and this spikes down aggressively after that.


Did you know there have been 27 Google Panda algorithm updates? The first Panda update was launched back in February 2011 (named Panda 1.0 funnily enough) and affecting 11.8% of queries, the latest Panda update hit last week (Panda 4.1) on the 25th September, affecting 3-5% of queries. The latest Panda update is said to have increased signals so that Google can identify low-quality content more easily. Searchmetrics put together a ‘winners and losers’ list for this particular Panda update and it looks like really good content/news sites and download portals are the winners, artificial link-bait-type content portals and lyrical website are the losers.


StatCoutner illustrates the 83.3% US mobile search market share that Google has, with 10.2% going to Yahoo! and 6.1% to Bing. Google are more prevalent in the mobile market but still hold a similar percentage of the desktop market with 76.4%

Seen any juicy stats lately that we’ve completely missed out on? Let us know!

For now, enjoy the beautiful autumn glow, while it lasts!

Edinburgh in autumn
Edinburgh in autumn





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