Month in Numbers: September 2015

Depending on your feelings toward rugby union, you may be disappointed to learn that September’s Month in Numbers has only been partially commandeered by the media flooding Rugby World Cup. We’ve put Japan Rugby up against Apple in the war of social media mentions, challenge a recent study that downplays Facebook’s advertising potential and reveal Instagram’s forecasted revenue for 2016.


rugby social media

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The number of tagged social media mentions attracted by Japan Rugby after their shock World Cup win over the Springboks early in the competition. A recent analysis of branded social media mentions showed Japan’s upset victory has earned them the most attention of any team in the competition to date, followed by England who earned 110,000 tagged mentions in the same time period. The Rugby World Cup itself has done a stellar job in online promotion, with its #RWC2015 tag popping up over 700,000 times across the web at the time of publication. At this rate, it wouldn’t be wishful thinking to expect over 3 million mentions by the end of the tournament!


Recent research suggests that conversion rates on smartphones are 15 times higher when originating from mobile search in comparison to mobile social media sessions. This statistic may be disheartening to e-commerce social media managers, however it needs to be ingested with a pinch of salt. It’s important to consider the highly qualified purchase intent of someone performing a search on their mobile in comparison to browsing their social media feeds. With the increasing sophistication of social targeting, driving sales and website engagement through social media is becoming increasingly effective. If you’re interested in learning more about advertising on social media, you should read Andrew’s recent post which lists 6 reasons to use facebook advertising.


magazine advertising

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The percentage of female millennials who refuse to purchase products belonging to brands they don’t trust. This was found in a recent study which investigated the attitudes towards advertising of females who fall under the millennials generation umbrella. The study also found that only 1 in 6 of this demographic claim to be influenced by celebrities when it comes to purchasing products (did I hear someone say self-reporting bias?). Furthermore, in great news for bloggers and e-retailers, blogs were considered the most trusted publications for over a third of respondents – trusted more than magazines and TV.

100 million

The number of new users Instagram has gained since the start of 2015, taking their active profiles count to over 400 million. They hype surrounding Instagram as a true social media force continues to grow with 2016 revenue forecasts already at $1.5 billion (149% increase on 2015). This is largely related to the increased push from parent company, Facebook to monetise the photo sharing social platform. We’ve had a close eye on Instagram over the past few months which you can read more about in Instagram tagged posts on the brain.


apple products

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5.1 million in 24hrs

This makes Japan Rugby’s social media mentions statistic look like the little leagues. Apple managed to generate over 5.1 million online mentions in a 24 hour period during September. 4.8 million of these were found on Twitter with the largest buzz around terms such as ‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’ and the exciting product concept, ‘Apple pencil’. The peak of the social media buzz saw Apple attract 642,000 mentions in a single hour, blowing the Japanese rugby team out of the water.

We hope you’ve enjoyed September 2015’s Month in Numbers and invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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