Month in Numbers: February 2016

Our wrap up of February’s most intriguing statistics from the digital marketing world includes a quick look at programmatic advertising, Facebook achieving another impressive milestone and a more than impressive landing page conversion rate.


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98% e-commerce conversion rate

That’s right, a near perfect conversion rate for landing pages selling flowers leading up to Valentine’s Day. This is a 138% increase in comparison to the same pages’ normal conversion rates. Not much shopping around when it comes to buying flowers online, it seems. A great time must’ve been had by businesses sitting atop the Google results page for the query ‘flowers’ leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can see below the search trend for ‘flowers’ increasing around V-Day 2016 in the graph below (please excuse my subpar image editing abilities – Paint is my friend).


flowers search query graph

2.5hrs per day on social media

Daily time spent browsing social media sites by the average internet user continues to grow – a recent study suggests the figure to be approximately 2hr 25min. The geographic variations present in this statistic are even more astonishing, with the same study suggesting the average time spent using social media by somebody in Argentina or the Philippines to be as high 4 hours per day! It’s no wonder that digital marketers by the bucket load are scrambling to get their heads around social media advertising in an attempt to leverage this profitable channel.


social media icon


3 million Facebook advertisers

Talking of digital marketers scrambling to get up to speed with social media advertising, it’s been reported the number of advertisers jumping aboard the Facebook advertising train has risen to 500k every six months. This has helped Facebook to reach 3 million active advertiser accounts worldwide, which they (rather nonchalantly) mentioned in a recent press release. We continue to see the value, increased functionality and untapped potential of advertising on social media having had the pleasure of using these platforms for a number of clients.




60% of digital marketers planning to use video

A 20% year-on-year rise, 60% of digital marketers intend to use video in their 2016 campaigns. Google is taking YouTube from strength to strength with increased advertising functionality and improved integrations with AdWords. Video advertising using YouTube’s TrueView ad formats truly is a viable option for most businesses looking to advertise online. The biggest challenge for digital marketers will be on the production end of video advertising and/or forming cost-effective relationships with talented creative agencies. It’s now the fastest growing online advertising medium, offering a world of potential from both the perspective of brand awareness as well as by driving conversions.




44% investing in a channel they know nothing about

Intent to invest more money in programmatic advertising has risen to two-thirds of B2B marketing managers. 44% of them however admit to not being able to explain what programmatic ads are.  Programmatic advertising, put simply, refers to the automation of the purchasing and placement of digital ads. Google’s Display Network (a huge collection of reputable websites who sell advertising space on their sites) uses programmatic advertising based on bids and custom targeting set in AdWords. It is a complicated process (with a bit of an off-putting name), however it’s easy enough to understand the basic idea behind programmatic advertising. We hope we’ve helped to clear this up for you.

That’s it for another month of digital marketing stats. As always, feel free to start a discussion in the comments section below and/or share this post with your friends and colleagues!

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