Month In Numbers – January 2017

Now that 2016 has come to an end and marketing plans are being finalised for 2017, let’s check out a few year end stats on everything from content marketing, to video, to the most valuable retail brand in the world!



As content marketing has grown leaps and bounds in 2016 social media marketing is now considered to be part of a normal digital strategy with 86% of B2B companies making use of it. The benefit of increased brand awareness and traffic generation are considered to be the biggest reasons to incorporate social, though the lack of knowledge in measuring ROI and using the data to make informed decisions tend to hold companies back.



This is the number of highly successful teams combining their social marketing strategies with other social activities – most commonly customer service. Check out these 10 companies who are tweets above the rest!



Social video produces 1200% more shares than text and picture posts combined! If you’ve not picked up on it yet, the future is in video. Information retention is increased as, 80% of people can recall a video they’ve watched in the past 30 days. These video watchers are also more likely to share a video if they’ve enjoyed it (92%!).




YouTubers are proving just how profitable video can be with the highest paid one, a 27 year old Swedish guy called “PewDiePie” making $15 million in 2016! This is proving that not only is there money to be made in video, there’s a huge global audience eager to consume it.


$98.98 billion

Amazon has been named as the number one most valuable retail brands in the world, with an estimated value of $98.98bn. This brand value is an increase of 59% on last year which is only set to grow with the giant expanding upon their recent Amazon Now offering which delivers takeaways and groceries within an hour to your home! In the UK, it’s currently being tested in London. This brand value is an increase of 59% on last year.


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