MSN migrates to Live Search

Microsoft AdCenter have announced “the launch of Live Search and the upcoming migration of MSN Search to Live Search over the next few days”.

It seems unlikely that this will have any major step change on your campaigns but it made me have a bit of a nose around. One feature that I noticed in the options is the ability to specify your location.

This is relevant for all campaigns that are “geo-targeting” (aka targeting visitors locally). You can see that they have taken a guess as to where you are.

In my case they think I am in Manchester, rather than Edinburgh. This is pretty illustrative of the limitations of geo-targeting with all the main SEA providers at this point in time.

It’s interesting to see Microsoft taking an overt approach to persuading searchers to give them the correct info.

I wonder how long it will be before we see them tyring to persuade searchers that giving them age and demographic information “sometimes helps us [microsoft] provide more relevant information”?

Live Search

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