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Having been happily ensconced in the Attacat penthouse for about six months now (“Jeez, is it only that long?” – Attacat Joel) I’ve found SEO blogs to be one of the most useful learning resources to supplement my hands-on experience. In the quick-change, real time environment of digital marketing, newbies (like myself last July) can feel rather deluged with the pace and volume of the technorati’s news and updates.

So, I thought I’d share some good online spots to help SEO novices (whether a  fledgling marketing professional or a savvy business owner just wanting to get a better grasp of SEO) find content that’s good quality and informative but not too intimidating.

first: get SEO basics

To get the maximum benefit from your reading it’s obviously helpful to first get a basic grounding in SEO. Before you wade into the blogosphere make sure you’ve read the excellent SEOmoz free Beginner’s Guide to SEO – a visual and highly digestible walkthrough of the key SEO building blocks.

It’s also essential to check out out what the big cheese Google has to say on optimisation (do remember that their guidelines may be similar but won’t necessary be the same across other search engines).

5 great blogs for SEO newbies

  1. Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Land is your go-to resource on major search news, with well-written commentary on industry announcements and their potential ramifications for business owners and marketers. The “advice” articles are probably less practical than the other blogs on this list but it’s an essential read nonetheless. In particular I’ve found their Periodic Table of SEO ranking factors and rundown of the 2011 Google Panda updates both nicely-paced for SEO neophytes like myself.

  2. The SEOmoz blog
    I cringe to say that one of my questions during my first two weeks at Attacat was “what’s an SEOmoz?”. SEOmoz is a provider of SEO software and all-round bastion of information for search professionals. Rather than a slew of over-reported industry news, the SEOmoz blog is updated usually once a day with approachable articles on usable tools, tips and tactics for onsite optimisation and achieving better rankings  (often supplemented with further enlightening comments from the very vocal Moz user community). It’s also home to WhiteBoard Fridays, a no-frills mini webinar mini series that looks at a new and current aspect of SEO each week. You might not agree with everything they say but their resources are generally tip-top.

  3. Google’s official blog
    The place to get the official news from the horse’s mouth. Kind of obvious you might think, but one I actually overlooked for longer than I care to admit! Check out the Webmaster Central blog and for weekly posts (if you’re PPC-inclined you should also look at their Adwords Agency blog).

  4. SEO Gadget
    A gem recommended by our in-house SEO-Yoda @attacat_joel, SEO Gadget, like SEOmoz, has some great, very readable strategies and observations of changes and quirks in Google’s results pages. It’s updated a little less frequently but they have some interesting ideas for using different platforms for SEO efforts – for example this post on using your Twitter profile for link building.

  5. Blogstorm
    Blogstorm is a UK offering so it’s a good blog to go to for some British case studies. It has a nice mix of research and analysis and commentary on big industry news.

  6. One more for good luck – the Attacat Brain!
    A gratuitous plug to round off the list. If you’re reading this post then you’ve clearly found us – but please do pop back, read, digest and share our pearls of SEO wisdom. If there’s something you’d like to read more about then please feel free to leave suggestions for blog topics in the comments section below, or of course give our merry SEO team a buzz.

beyond blogs

Getting your Google Reader beefed up with good reads is a great start, but don’t forget to also to rev up your Twitter lists, as this is a great way to catch articles that slip through the RSS net. I’ve also recently started using All Top, or you can try the similar Coconut Headlines, both of which handily aggregate popular SEO stories from across the web.

back to books

And finally a return to the old school – remember books? If you’re looking for chunkier information then the Attacat SEO textbooks du choix are Search Engine Optimization Secrets (you need some basic SEO know-how to get cracking with this) and The Art of SEO (from 2009 so slightly outdated but still very comprehensive if you have no background knowledge).


This is of course the tiniest tip of a giant iceberg. If you’ve come cross any other must-read resources then leave a comment or tweet me:

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