New Attacat Website Launched Today

Finally we actually did something about it. It has been a long time coming, but I will no longer have to tell everybody how embarrassed about our site I am (well at least for a week anyway). No website is perfect but that does not stop me from being proud of what has come together after nearly two years of continually pushing it down the priority list.

Some thank you’s are in order:

  • Faster Stronger Lighter – Not just our friends upstairs. Ben and Tig have worked with us closely to get the usability and accessibility right. The phrase “near impossible deadline” has been mentioned once or twice but they made it. Thanks guys.
  • Waterbomb – Patience of a Saint? Certainly. We have gone over and over our corporate identity and Simon has just got on with it and produced something that we are delighted with. (Simon is responsible for the look and feel)
  • EBS – Our long time partners.
  • David Darcy – David acts as a non-executive director for us. Without his subtle but effective way of making me feel guilty about the site not being changed, it would have probably been another year.
  • Our in house team – we actually managed to achieve the rare feat of finishing the content before we talked code and graphic design.

The challenge of course is really just starting – it now needs to evolve and remain current but that is the most exciting part of this site. “Practise what you Preach” will need to be my new personal mantra.

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