New Foursquare button: Add to your site today?

foursquareThe Foursquare blog has announced that you can now integrate an ‘add to Foursquare’ button onto your website.

Foursquare button

ReadWriteWeb explain:

If you own a business or publish a web page about any real-world location, this very simple button will allow visitors to your website to add going to your location as a “to-do” item and receive a push-notification to their phones whenever they check-in anywhere nearby

Foursquare for the masses

I’m personally not a big fan of Foursquare and don’t use it, but I can certainly see how this could start to truly integrate it across the web and make it less of a ‘quirky add-on experience’. If you can truly start to link together online and real-life, bricks-and-mortar presences in a meaningful way there’s really a lot of potential here.

Imagine this if it were to be integrated across review sites like Tripadvisor and Qype – it’s yet another step in making smart phones potentially the most valuable piece of kit you have. Find somewhere online that sounds cool? Just add it to Foursquare and you won’t miss it if you’re ever unknowingly in the vicinity.

Very nice – will this be the start of Foursquare for the masses?

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