New Media Breakfast 1st Anniversary Q&A Session

First of all, I must congratulate the fatBuzz team on their 1st anniversary of the New Media Breakfast series! I remember my first time at one of the breakfasts in Edinburgh around October time last year, and I have certainly seen the event grow since then which is fantastic to see.

fatBuzz didn’t fail to deliver yet another successful morning in the swanky 29 on Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square. To celebrate a year of running the New Media Breakfast (#NMB) the team put on a Champagne Breakfast Q&A Session. The panel questioned by host Gordon White were namely:

If you missed out on the session, you can hear the whole recording  in the latest Social Media Podcast. For a shorter version, I’ve highlighted a few points that were discussed:

What defines a moderated blog?
Valerie explained that what could be considered to be a moderated blog is one that is manually spam filtered which may include editing or deleting comments as well as manually approving comments. As you are seen to be interacting with the blog through such actions, this can mean that you lose exemption and are therefore liable for the content. Interestingly, Valerie even noted that correcting a grammatical error within the original blog post may even cause you to lose exemption.
So when asked whether its best to moderate or not, it was in Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s opinion that moderating is very much an important part of blogging and creating an online community, the key thing is to create a policy and stick to it.

Will online video take over the written word?
Ben responded by pointing out that we all still read newspapers and watch television so it is unlikely that online videos will completely replace the written word. Gordon M & Gary offered some interesting stats – 10-11% of people in the UK are watching video online & that UK video has increase 37 fold in the past three years. Gary also advised that to stay ahead of the game, we need to be innovative and gave the example of the brilliant interactive Tipex video.

LinkedIn & Twitter – which is best?
Gary answered with the opinion that it depends on the type of business, voicing that LinkedIn is a good tool for B2B, Facebook is strong for engaging with the community and can work well for B2C. Twitter on the other hand, Gary said, covers a wider community of people and is a general broadcast tool that can be used to contact business and customers.
When asked if Twitter is beneficial to use for SEO, Ben stated that whilst there is no direct link, Twitter can show up in the real time results of Google [Edit: Ben – what I intended to convey here was that at the moment we don’t believe that any ‘link juice’ is passed through from Twitter but that there are other benefits in terms of indexation of target pages & the possible strength factor of having web pages tweeted a number of time but this is really an unknown quantity at the moment!] . Also, as link building is the ‘holy grail’ of SEO, Twitter can be used to create more buzz around your sites or blogs, which may help towards gaining links.
Belinda then talked about how she used Twitter to build brand awareness of Winning Entrepreneurs and that she supports its members by Retweeting their tweets, which can help spread their messages. Belinda also highlighted the power of Twitter in raising awareness, as she had recieved 9 donations for a charity dinner (Dreamz4u) through Twitter alone.

Social media for charities?
The panel were asked for their ideas on charities using social media to engage with volunteers, staff or donators.
Gary made the point that Twitter can be used to search for potential volunteers or donators to find those interested in your cause.
Belinda mentioned that she has seen success through Facebook and that by posting photos and being honest can earn you a lot of respect through being so open as a charity.
Ben added that Google do have a programme called ‘Google Grants’ which allows charities to apply for free advertising on their AdWords platform. Although the waiting list is very big and means that applications can take a long time to be accepted, it is definitely something worth pursuing.

Edinburgh Champagne Breakfast Q&A

The Edinburgh Q&A session will be held on the 14th of October Update: It’s the 21st October! so you can book your place and ask a question for the panel by contacting the fatBuzz team through Twitter (@fatBuzz ) or by email.

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    HannahnnThanks for the review. Just a small point, the New Media Breakfast Edinburgh will be on the 21st October, we will be posting full details on the page you have linked to very soon.nnGordon

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