New Website Launch: Tyre Medics

Attacat have just recently launched the new Tyre Medics website along with our technical partners Ladarnas.

The site was specified & wire framed by Attacat  as part of Website Thinking with design & build supplied from the Ladarnas team.  Attacat also provided copy writing services & on-page search engine optimisation.

tyre medics

Website Launched – Now What!?

As we always say with any new website this is just the starting point.  In partnership with Tyre Medics we are planning a series of tests, using Website Optimiser, to optimiser conversions on the site.  There are other plans of the website phase 2 & the team at Tyre Medics are in the process of expanding their mobile tyre fitting network.

Comments always welcome

If you’ve got any comments about the site please feel free to make comment below – we always enjoy a bit of (constructive) criticism!

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2 thoughts on “New Website Launch: Tyre Medics”

  1. Someone says:

    Nice site design, but you might want to add some search relaxation to the search mechanism, I found it too easy to get no results on the second step and found myself a bit stuck.

  2. Attacat Ben says:

    Thanks for the comment – I understand the frustration but if you choose the correct sizes for your car you shouldn’t have any issues (sure there are lots of combinations but the correct ones will return results).Try 225/55/16 – for a Golf GTi & you’ll get some results 😉

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