November Month In Numbers

2.7 Million

The number of UK households actively using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device at present. Kantar found that 22.2% of UK consumers also use a Virtual Assistant (such as Siri) on their smartphones. The latest Google development in voice search? Personalised local search results, rolling out before 2018.

When looking for tradespeople, Google Assistant will now return a lead or contact with a local service provider, from which users can be connected by phone or given a list of other relevant, pre-screened contractors. With enhanced personalisation and ease-of-access, this functionality can benefit both the customer and supplier.

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The percentage of internet users that stream music online. This was the finding of a study of more than 70,000 people across 40 countries by GlobalWebIndex. Mobile was found to be the most-popular device for music streaming, whilst Spotify was cited as the most frequently used music streaming service outside of China. 22% of all internet users stream music from its platform each month.


The months of your music streaming history that Spotify’s “2017 Wrapped” service delves into to give you fun facts about your listening habits over the year, as well as personalised recommendations for 2018. Discover how many minutes of music you’ve listened to, as well as your top genres, artists and average listening age – you may be in for a pleasant, or unpleasant, surprise! Have a go at Full story at Windows Central.

1 Billion +

The number of Facebook Messenger users who can now continue their chats with brands on their websites. The new Facebook Messenger plugin enables cross-platform customer service. Businesses that install the Customer Chat plugin can enjoy continuous, cross-device conversations, regardless of whether a user is on Facebook Messenger or the company’s home page. A big win for friction-busting UX. Story via engadget.

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200 Million

The number of Pinterest users that can now use the social platform from within Facebook Messenger. A new extension allows Pinterest users to search the site via the Pinterest chatbot. In addition, pins now sent through Facebook Messenger can be opened within Messenger, instead of being redirected to Pinterest’s site or app.

Where applicable, Pinterest will include ‘promoted pins’ amongst ‘related pins’ and search results in the Messenger extension. This new functionality should make it easier for users to send and view pins within Messenger, increase the number of pins shared on the platform and boost the number of Pinterest users overall.

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