October Month In Numbers

This month tech innovation and social change take centre stage in our October round up. We talk voice control, AI and ask – what impact are they really having IRL? We also review Twitter’s new character limit, the Western adoption of WeChat and LinkedIn’s little secret. Here’s all you need to know.


The percentage of Chinese smartphone users who believe that using voice control makes them more efficient. Of these people, 52% use voice recognition whilst driving and 48% use voice commands instead of typing. Wondering why voice hasn’t taken off here yet? China is in fact the foremost market for mobile voice tech. The vast number of characters in the Chinese language can make smartphone use difficult – voice control offers an innovative solution.


The number of characters you can now use in a single Twitter post – no more, “post 1/12.” 30% of users surveyed said they welcomed longer format tweets and 20% agreed that they were more likely to check Twitter for news now as a result of the change, according to Morning Consult.


Of Chinese consumers now interact with Western brands on WeChat. Should you be using it? 54% said that TV advertising is still the most common way for Western brands to reach consumers in China. 36% said it was outdoor marketing and working with influencers followed at 26%, says Marketing Week.

10 million

The number of users now using LinkedIn’s feature ‘Open Candidates.’ Launched last year, the tool allows users to secretly let recruiters know that they are looking for new opportunities. An increasing amount of personalised suggestions and stats are also on the way, says LinkedIn.


The number of marketers who think artificial intelligence (AI) is an, “overhyped buzzword.” A further 40% are skeptical about the technology and 42% have no plans to implement AI at all, according to a new report by Resulticks. Interestingly 85% of Brits have said that AI shouldn’t be allowed to impersonate a human. Will the bots take over? That remains to be seen.

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