Off Topic: things not to get Attacat Internet Marketing confused with

Slightly off topic but it’s Friday & I just wanted to set the record straight.

Who would have thought that other people would be clever enough to use the name Attacat? Well, it turns out there are at least 3 others using the name in various forms:

1. Attacat or Attacat Warrior Cat?

Special abilities – you betcha, Attacat can move 1 additional space! He currently lives on the top of my monitor…

From his wiki page: “Attacat is a feline Warrior, and he moves with the same grace as a prowling tiger.  His body is strong and covered with fine gray fur.  He only wears sparse armor, relying on his great skill for both attack and defence.”

Great abilities but the real Attacat has much more than just speed!

2. Attacat or Atta Cat Made Cats Sick?

Just to point out – this has NOTHING to do with us, in fact most Attacats quite like cats – we’ve got 3 between us.

Sadly though a brand of US cat food bearing our brand name has *allegedly* made some cats ill… Don’t worry cat lovers I think it has been removed from sale now.  Perhaps it’s worth me saying allegedly here *checks with legal team*…

I would like to say that this information is from here.

3. Attacat or Atta Cat “2006 Idaho Classic/Challenge Open Champion”?

So Attacat is also the name of a horse – who’s breeding fee is a cool $2,500 (Cooled shipped semen available).  A fine specimen of a horse (I don’t know the technical terminology for this one):

Check him out @ Northwest Mare Services.

Any other imposters out there?

Don’t let them get away with it – let us know of any other violations of our brand you find & we’ll name and shame them here…  Free Attacat mug if you find any!

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3 thoughts on “Off Topic: things not to get Attacat Internet Marketing confused with”

  1. Jim Swan says:

    A google search will find you a “heart attac-at bondi beach”!

    • Attacat Ben says:

      Not sure if it counts if the people posting YouTube videos just can’t spell properly!

      • Jim Swan says:

        Yeah I stretched that one a little!

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