Optimising for Google News – #MancSEO Mini Conference

Barry Adams – Optimising for Google News

Barry is a Senior Internet Marketer for Search at Pierce Communications in Belfast. He is a contributing blogger for State of Search and Search News Central, and writes a column for the Watching the Web section of the Belfast Telegraph.
Barry also maintains his own blog called “The Great Websites Blog” where he writes about all aspects of online success – SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics, Email Marketing and Conversion Optimisation.

Why Google News?

A big reason is that Google News listings can often show in the universal search results so potential to gain more traffic through google news results showing in the universal results.
Giving the example of the Belfast Telegraph, Barry explained that any new content added to the site always shows in Google News results.

How to get into Google news

  • Web design – how the site is built is important
  • Invest time and money to get unique content
  • Press Releases – use popular distribution channels such as PRWeb, mynewsdesk and PR Newswire to get the content out there.
  • News sites – approach news sites directly, offering your news articles, the sites will often welcome free content.
  • Advertisements – adverts on news sites (shown example of manchester evening news) Google doesn’t know the difference between paid news and regular news.

How to get more Visibility in Google News

The Google News algorithm isn’t yet as clever as the universal web search algorithm.
Issue is that the news sites listed are mainstream and very much a clique so have to play it safe.

Tips for creating a news site

  • Unique content – write own content
  • Multiple authors – increases authority and amount of content created
  • Need to update often, maybe a couple of times a day
  • Keep it interesting
  • Update news story if someone comments on it – Google comes back to crawl the story again, so keep it updated
  • Be the best site for your niche
  • Make images non-clickable as google seems to prefer this
  • Google News XML sitemap – important to do this, crawled often – only real way of telling google that you have new news so a big must

Tips for getting into universal SERPs

  • Write a solid article, good content – dont be afraid to go with high volume keywords, able to compete in Google News.
  • Pick a good image
  • Use PR distribution channels, or go directly to news sites

Question: How long can the news listing display in universal search results?

Barry – maximum length of 3 days, depends on how many other stories there are covering the same topic.

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2 thoughts on “Optimising for Google News – #MancSEO Mini Conference”

  1. Barry Adams says:

    Great write-up, I hope you enjoyed the talk. One correction to my answer in the Q&A that I didn’t mention (but should have): I have seen some articles stay in the uni serps for 5 days, but that’s rather exceptional. 3 days is a sound average to keep in mind.

  2. Thanks for the comment Barry, your talk was very interesting and I look forward to trying it all out soon.n

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