Page Load Time to be factored into your AdWords Advertising Costs

We have speculated in the past that the speed with which your site loads was potentially a factor in your Google AdWords quality score. Experienced advertisers will be familiar with the fact that your quality score directly impacts what you pay for each click from Google.

In a refreshingly open and seemingly well managed move by Google, they have announced that load time will definitely be added as a factor in your quality scores over the next month or two.

The surprise of this announcement is not that they are going to be adding it as a factor but much more that they are:

  1. Actually telling us they are doing it
  2. Going to be telling us exactly when they are going to do it
  3. Going to tell us (or at least provide an indication) of how we rate against this factor in advance to give us a chance to make any changes required.

Thank you Google, its genuinely appreciated.

The move makes sense as well, with Google’s continued efforts to incentives advertisers to provide a good experience for searchers.

We will be in touch with all our clients on this issue as soon as we get the details of how your sites are fairing.

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