Phishing E-Mails

News of a scam e-mail pretending to be from Yahoo! Search Marketing is a timely reminder for all our clients to be vigilant of e-mails purporting to be from the search marketing providers (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter being the big 3).

You will no doubt be familiar with this sort of carry-on with online banking scams (e.g. e-mails asking you to change your password). So there is no need to panic, it’s simply a case of adjusting your mindset to thinking beyond just bank-like scams.

If you are one of our managed clients, you should rarely, if ever, receive any e-mails from these providers as we deal with them for you. Therefore if you do receive any such e-mails, please don’t take any action and just forward them to us.

Our “consultancy-only” clients (which includes our Attacat Local product) will need to be more careful. Have a read of Marketing Pilgrims alert of this particular e-mail for some tips on what to look out for as well as Wikipedias more general article on phishing.

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