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Just because we aren’t in Silicon Valley does not mean that there isn’t a vibrant start-up scene in Edinburgh.  Over the years I’ve learned a huge amount from the tech entrepreneurs, start-up marketers, product managers and developers based here in the Athens of the North.  This is why I urge you to support the StartEdin initiative.  It’s aim is simple: give the community the place on the map it deserves.


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Those who followed my search for a phrase that sums up modern marketing will understand why I (as the owner of a more conventional business) am passionate about having a thriving start-up community here in Edinburgh.

This enthusiasm is driven by my belief (as espoused in our online training) that an entrepreneurial mindset is a core outlook required for marketing success today (whether or not you view your company as entrepreneurial).    I believe the ethos and the skills that start-ups are nurturing are essential modern business skills whether you are seeking to be the next Facebook or simply the next place-to-be-seen cafe.  I can honestly say that all our clients stand to benefit from Edinburgh being seen as a great place for tech start-ups.

The scene is already a lot more established than many realise.  There is the exciting hub of CodeBase, there’s Skyscanner blazing a trail, the Turing Festival and much much more (not to mention Freeagent, who’ve brought our accounts system into the 21st Century).

Edinburgh is the first amazing place I’ve ever lived

– John Peebles

It’s also a great place to locate a start-up.  This was perhaps best expressed by John Peebles, an American who has worked in start-ups on both sides of the pond, in his enthusiastic endorsement of Edinburgh at the Turing Festival.

We’ve just signed up as a member of StartEdin, I’d urge you to do the same.



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3 thoughts on “Please Support Edinburgh’s Tech Start-Up Scene”

  1. Isobel Yule says:

    I can relate to this Purple Cow as I have one !! A unique product that has evolved through hard work by listening to my customers , given them a faultless service and gone that extra mile to make the experience that bit more unique and special Add on’s has brought me repeat business from word of mouth , the best marketing ever, I can highly recommend it!!

  2. Attacat Tim says:

    Hi Isobel. I guess you’ve listened to the online training! Thanks for the comments it’s great to know it resonates with you and congrats on the awards and successful business.

  3. Attacat Tim says:

    (Just seen a survey which i guess is from you so many thanks for taking the time to fill it out)

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