Podcast: Digital Marketing in 2014

Our MD, Tim Barlow, was lucky enough to be asked by Gordon at FatBuzz to join him to have a discussion about how SEO has evolved and what you need to focus on in 2014.


The podcast discusses:

  • Why we believe that SEO is an outcome rather than a strategy
  • Why unfortunately some sites just cannot be optimised for good rankings
  • How some businesses have issues when it comes to clearly defining and communicating their unique value proposition
  • An update on link building and more importantly what makes a link good or bad
  • Why is it important to have a strong grasp of what your customers are looking for
  • How we can use certain tools to effectively determine which keywords are likely to provide the best reward
  • Why paid search is a vital part of any digital marketing armoury in 2014
  • Blot Design Director, Iain Wilson, asks if small businesses can afford to do SEO effectively
  • What ways can an organisation reduce the cost of their SEO without reducing its effectiveness
  • What are the common mistakes people make when using Google AdWords?

Tim mentions a couple of books that he recommends during the podcast, these were:

Age of Context by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

The Circle by Dave Egger

Let us know your thoughts on SEO and PPC in 2014 by leaving a comment below!

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