PPC For Small Businesses: Perception Vs Reality

To get noticed and compete today in any industry, it is necessary to have a strong presence on-line. For small businesses this can sometimes be daunting on where to start. They have a website, but how to they get people to take a look?


About Me…

Being fairly new to Attacat and the world of PPC marketing, I thought I would be an ideal candidate to provide an insight into PPC from both sides of the coin: from the side of someone with a small start-up business dipping the toe in the water of PPC and from the inside reality of what a good internet marketing agency can offer to a company with a smaller budget trying to manage its own PPC campaigns.

Whilst I have a background in marketing, my knowledge of online marketing and in particular PPC was somewhat limited by comparison when I started. I thought I knew a bit about PPC, using Google Adwords and what Analytics did and so on, so thought I would try my hand at advertising my venture via Google AdWords. Looking back over what I have learnt since working at Attacat, it’s evident I had only just scratched the surface and wish I knew what I know now before I started.

Small Business Misconceptions

I think that for a lot of companies, especially small companies and start-ups, there can be quite a few common misconceptions about PPC.  When considering ways of advertising your business, most people these days will turn to the internet in some way, shape or form. However, I think that there are a few perceptions that either lead to small companies being put off using PPC all together or make them try to do it themselves with little background in the area.

Here are some of the ways in which, in my experience, PPC is perceived by small businesses and the reality of what it can do for a company if managed properly.

Anybody Can Do It

Probably one of the biggest dangers for companies looking at using PPC to improve their business is the belief that anyone can do it. It is easy to set up, research some keywords, create some ads and away you go. Right? Well, not exactly… If you decide to go down this road without having the knowledge to manage your campaigns or perhaps the time to keep an eye on all that data, then you might be missing out on opportunities to grow your business. Worse still, you may be costing your business by spending needless pennies in ineffective areas. This leads me to my next point…

PPC Is Expensive

To some extent this can be true depending on what industry you are in. However, when properly managed it is an extremely cost effective marketing channel.  I think this misconception links in to attacat-ppc-optimisationmy last point; if you try to dive in and do it all yourself then the costs can rack up quickly, which is one of the many reasons why having someone look after your campaigns can increase your bottom line and do it in a more cost effective manner. The main reason for this is not only the expertise they bring but also the time they can spend optimising your PPC advertising.  Time to research new keywords, filter out irrelevant ones, maximise quality score to help decrease your CPC, test advert copy, landing pages and more to grow the account in the best possible way.



Paying an Agency to Manage Your Account Is Even More Expensive

Yes, paying an agency to look after your PPC campaigns does cost money but the ratio of what it will cost and what your ROI will be will far outweigh what it would have been if doing it yourself.  You only pay for an advert that is clicked and normally only pay a percentage of this as a fee for having a team put a fair amount of time and knowledge into it each month freeing up more of your time to put into other aspects of the business.  Furthermore, this time and knowledge should hopefully vastly improve your conversion rate and overall number of conversion which will give you a far greater ROI.

Search Engine Ads get a bad rep so concentrate on organic!

Whilst having an organic presence is obviously important for small businesses that are starting to advertise online, SEO takes time to implement and build momentum. While it should definitely be part of your long term strategy and is something that can be worked on alongside your PPC efforts, it is PPC that can generate more short term benefits for a small business.

  1. PPC ads can be specifically targeted and can therefore drive more relevant traffic and drive more sales to your site, even if you are on a tight budget!
  2. PPC also allows for your small business to standout on the first page of search engines. While you might have been told that people don’t click on search engine ads, last year, it accounted for over 90% of Google’s overall revenue or $50billion, whichever way you look at it, somebody is clearly clicking on them.
  3. PPC provides insights to so much more than you might think. It can help your SEO and can enhance your overall marketing strategy by giving you detailed research into your consumers’ buyer behaviour and allow you to target more effectively in the future.
  4. You can set strict budgets so you only spend what you want to each month. Getting the most out of your budget and being able to track it accurately to move your business forward.

To Conclude…

I have been working for Attacat for about 2 months now and I have learnt a lot about PPC and how getting knowledgeable people to manage your PPC marketing can drastically improve a business’s bottom line and give insights into the bigger picture of the overall business strategy no matter what the budget.

So if you are a small business that is looking to utilise PPC marketing then consider someone looking after it for you…you may be surprised by how drastically things can be improved.

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