PPC Foreign Campaigns – Playing to your strengths

Managing a foreign language campaign can be difficult, yet highly rewarding. As a somewhat poor multi-lingual individual, you may ask yourself, ‘how can I effectively manage a foreign language PPC account…I can barely say hello in 3 languages”

Do not panic – here is a link to a great website that covers hello in most languages! You should be ‘cultured’ in no time!


Now back to PPC. You have a couple of things that work in your favour.

Conduct a bit of research. A bit of research goes a long way. Effective research is your bread and butter of success. Some of the biggest names in business have unsuccessfully launched multi-million pound advertising campaigns based on a lack of research. The term ‘pride before the fall’ springs to mind.

PPC is multi-dimensional. You have the numerical and linguistic element to PPC’s makeup.  Play to your strength, use the numerical data to analyse your keyword relevancy, ad copy etc.

Find a good translator. Trying to use ‘free’ online translators for keywords can be messy. You usually end up with a translation that sounds like a WW2 code. . . . the rabbit enjoys winter nights. Use a fluent speaker, it will pay off!

Babel Fish can be your friend. Contrary to my previous note, you can use websites like Babel Fish . I tend to use Babel for single word translations, but do so cautiously as it can still miss-interpret the easiest of translations.

Secondary research is primarily easier. There is a sufficient amount of relevant articles online, use them. I find that searchenginewatch.com do some great articles called search around the world. Get involved.

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