PPC Round-Up: January

Looks like Google left us a present under the tree after all! Or maybe they forgot, and felt obliged to make it up for us in January. Either way, they made a couple of changes in January which were very much appreciated.


Impression Share at Ad Group level

The number one change this month (possibly of the last 12 months!) was Google lifting the veil on ad group level impression share – now advertisers can focus on the ad groups with poor ad ranks and work to make them much more relevant. It’s a fantastic tool that is going to be very useful in improving Quality Score. Full story.


Create even more Automated Rules

On top of the new impression share metrics, Google also graced us with an increase to the number of automated rules permitted in an account. A max of 10 has now increased to 100, which means for a  lot more play and the opportunity for really sophisticated accounts. I’m really looking forward to spending some time creating an arsenal of specially tailored rules to fire off optimisations whenever necessary. Full story.


New Look to Adwords Help Center

The new skin for Gmail must have been such a success that Google felt the Adwords Help Center would look good in it as well. Simpler navigation, extra videos, but still seems a little lacking in content in some areas. Full story.


More Facebook ads and below the fold

You may have noticed the number of ads being displayed on Facebook creeping up recently? Well, users can now be displayed up to 7 ads at once! Obviously there’s an argument that this may dilute click through rates, but I’m more concerned about the user experience. I’m actually disappointed in Facebook – it seem’s they think there’s only a thin line between a targeted, relevant ad and an intrusive wall of boring messages. After so much progress in developing a genuinely fantastic advertising platform, this seems to be them moving in the opposite direction. Full story.


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