PPC Round-up – November 2011

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Extend Your Ads +1s to your Site

Up until recently, the +1s mentioned under your Adwords ads would only show the +1s from the specific landing page of the ad – likely only a few and even less likely that one of the user’s contacts would have added a +1. Now with the use of Social Extensions, all of your Google+ business page +1s, and all of the +1s of all of your landing pages can be shown under your ads – which should not only make a pretty nice number, but there’s much more chance of someone in the user’s circles being listed as an endorser as well. Full article.


MSN Adcenter Improves Keyword Filtering

MSN has finally allowed Exact Match Negatives, which for non-PPC managers means a greater level of control and accuracy over the filtering out of poor traffic (more dosh left in the pot for the good traffic). So an example? If you were running the keyword ‘baseball bat’, this would reach users searching for anything between ‘metal baseball bats’ and ‘best bat for playing baseball’. But it could potentially still show your ad for a user searching for ‘baseball’, so adding this term as an exact negative will ensure this can’t happen. Full article.


Facebook’s Targeting Targeted by European Commission

So the European Commission heard a rumour that Facebook may use their artistic license when defining the word ‘privacy’, and so looks like a directive will be issued in January forcing Facebook (and other social networks) to get consent from users before targeting them based on sensitive information. Although tweaking their T&Cs may be a mild inconvenience for Facebook’s legal department, it’s another step towards defining the parameters of targeted advertising. Full article.


Google Ads at Bottom of Results Finally Out of Testing (Almost)

Some of you may have noticed over the past years that Google keep on testing ads at the bottom of the search results page. Well it looks like Google are finally ready to admit that yes, they have been running these tests, but they’re still going to keep experimenting for a while longer. If you’re worried that these ad positions may mean more wasted impressions and fewer traffic, remember Google number one priority is always more clicks. Full article.


Infographic: How the Adwords Auction Works

Like to learn things visually or just use it as an excuse not to have to read stuff? Well here’s a great infographic from Wordstream summarising the auction side of Adwords. Infographic here.

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