PPC Roundup – April 2011

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What’s been happening in the wonderful world of Pay-per-Click last month?


Instant Preview for ads

Google Instant Preview was rolled out for Organic listings past November, this month it’s reached Paid Search too in the US and will be rolled out in the UK over the next few weeks. Biggest impact? Likely users being able to evaluate landing pages before they click, hopefully reducing wasted clicks and encouraging advertisers to develop more relevant and user friendly pages. Full Article.


Adwords Policy Change To Protect Personal Information

If your site requests payment, financial or personal information from your visitors, there’s a few changes required to your T&Cs; 1. Your description of how the details are to be used must now be clear and easily accessible before the user enters their details; 2. In this same description, users must be given the option to opt out of any future communcation; 3. All advertisers are now required to use SSL when transferring secure information. Full Article.


Adwords Ad Innovation Site Launches in UK

Google’s R&D site Ad Innovations has launched in the UK, showcasing the new marketing technologies and opportunities not always apparent when running a traditional Adwords campaign. Not a great difference from the previously available US version, except now the US site has had a facelift. Full Article.


MSN Adcenter Desktop Tool April Update

The new April update is here, with the main changes being around the ease of use in the dashboard, additional export options  and interface display options.  Full Article.


Facebook Gets Largest Share of US Display Market

Online media measurement tool Comscore has recorded Facebook accounting for almost 1 out of every 3 online ad impressions during the first 3 months of the year – more than 3 times as many as its nearest competitor Yahoo. Full Article.


Facebook Sponsored Stories Experiment

Still unsure about Sponsored Stories? TBG Digital released a study last month where their CTR rose by 46%, pushing their CPC down by 20% and driving Facebook Fans for 18% less cost. Full Article.

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