PPC Roundup – August 2011

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Study: Search ads drive 89% incremental traffic

A recent study by the completely impartial research company Google, has shown that far from paid search ads cannibalising your organic traffic, only 11% of the traffic from paid search ads are replaced by organic traffic when your ads are paused. So don’t drop that PPC spend! Full article here.


MSN adCenter Desktop upgraded

A couple of new features this time; Simplified budget management, making it easier to either spread your daily budget across the whole day or spend it as quickly as possible. You can also now update your Desktop tool without needing admin privileges on your computer. Full article here.


Adwords Editor upgraded too

Adwords Editor also got an upgrade too – a bit of a better one as well. You can now manage your Campaign Experiments and Location Extensions from the tool. But perhaps even more exciting is the ability to run your downloads in the background while working on other accounts, meaning less time wasted staring at Editor unable to do anything! Full article here.


Facebook allows users to hide all ads from individual advertisers

For a long time now Facebook users have been able to block out individual ads they don’t like, but now they can block ads from entire advertisers. From an advertisers point of view, a few users blocking your ads is probably a good thing as it’ll reduce the number of impressions delivered to uninterested users. However, what about the users who block the ads of advertisers delivering a variety of products? The distinction between a product’s brand and the actual retailer is vague at best with Facebook ads, and users may fail to make the distinction and block the advertiser when really they want to block the brand. Full article here.


Facebook launches ad targeting by topic

And finally, Facebook also launched last month the ability to target users by ‘topic’ rather than individual page Likes. It’s effectively broad targeting rather than exact, and will reduce the number of users which are missed off the more targeted campaigns. Full article here.


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