PPC Roundup – June 2011

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MSN adCenter gets an upgrade!

Another round of upgrades this month, including radius based geo-targeting options, colour coded flag alerts in the interface to notify the account manager of things needing their attention and the desktop tool now has more ways to review Quality Score data and improve budget calculations. Full article here.


Adwords Interest Categories now available

All Adwords advertisers can now target users on the Google Display Network from a selection of ‘interests’ which is really just Adword’s version of behavioural targeting. This is different to ‘topic’ targeting which targets the type of content on a site, as ‘interest’ targeting allows you to target the actual user based on their recent searches. More about ad preferences here, and full article here.


Google +1 buttons now on all ads

A few months ago the Google +1 buttons started appearing on English ads, and this month they’ve now reached the rest of the world. Full article here.


Google Display Network’s new metrics

The Google Display Network has introduced some quite useful new metrics, including showing your ad’s CTR relative to the page’s actual average CTR letting you benchmark the performance better, Impression Share to make your share of voice more visible and an Unseen Impression Filter which works to ignore ad impressions which appear below the fold! Full article here.


Embedded format now on Sitelinks

Instead of multiple lines appearing underneath your ads, the sitelink’s keywords can now appear within the actual description line and act as additional links. Our only reservation is that the highlighted text can sometimes seem disjointed from the rest of the sentence, particularly when users are used to seeing the blue links as standalone. We’d recommend testing the look of the new sitelinks first. Full article here.


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