PPC Roundup – March 2011

What’s been happening in the wonderful world of Pay-per-Click this month?

AdCenter Launches Quality Scores

From Spring the familiar 1-10 Quality Score will be included in Adcenter, formed from sub-scores for; keyword relevance (ie. CTR), landing page (and ad copy) relevance and landing page user experience (as defined by Adcenter guidelines). Scores are generated from historical data and are at a keyword and match type level. Full Article.

Facebook Testing Real-Time Ad Targeting

Currently only affecting 1% of the users, the test uses keywords in comments and posts to target users in real-time, rather than just to likes and interests. Users who previously reported finding ads irrelevant may benefit, and this will likely determine the pricing. Full Article.

Adwords Conversions By Hour

Advertisers now have the ability to filter conversions in Adwords by the hour rather than just day, which means ads and keywords can be tailored to suit these higher converting times of the day. The feature can be found in the Dimensions tab under ‘Hour of Day’.

Analytics Releases New Interface (Beta)

The new interface’s Dashboard is now entirely widget based  and includes metrics, report tables, graphs and pie charts. You can also now create up to 20 dashboards per profile, useful for separating out SEO and PPC activity and users will also have the ability to share and email the dashboards too! Full Article.

Yahoo Instant Search To Incorporate Display Ads

Yahoo recently launched Search Direct which is similar to Google Instant but offers richer content in a pop-up window. Although still a work in progress, Yahoo is working towards running display and even video ads in the live results. Full Article.

New Contextual Targeting on Google Display Network

Contextual targeting can now use categories (1,750 topics and sub-topics) as an alternative to keyword targeting, allowing a larger audience to be reached. Full Article.

New Location Targeting on Google Search Network

Previously geo-targeting to a specific area meant targeting users in the specified area searching for your keyword and users outside searching for your keyword in the area, but now advertisers can separate these two audiences and target them individually. This also applies to exclusion targeting. Full Article.

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