PPC Roundup – May 2011

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Not just about Google, other stuff happened in the world of PPC last month too! (Though it is mainly Google).


Adwords domain names now in headlines

Only the domain (without the www) will show, if the headline already contains the domain it won’t show twice and the maximum headline length including the domain and the first description line is 68 characters. Full story.


Job Ad Extension

Google is testing a new ‘job’ ad extension, which now includes a line of text showing the number of jobs available. Only sighted on a few occasions though and still in test mode I’m afraid! Full story.


Target Tablet Users

Adwords advertisers can now target tablet users separately. Only useful if you’re pushing an app? I don’t think so, users browsing on tablets are predictably more commercially focused and so could return a higher conversion rate. Full story.


Directions Now Chargeable

Clicks on the link to directions on location extensions will now also be charged the same as clicks on the ad headline. This was realistically always going to happen. Full story.


Facebook Relaxes Restrictions

Facebook has risen it’s blanket prohibition on promotions for tobacco, dairy, gambling, firearms, prescription medicines and petrol. Full story.


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