PPC Roundup – October 2011

Another 31 days and another 31 days of game-changing, world-revolutionising, riot-causing updates from the guys that brought us Google Buzz.


Keyword relevance and landing page quality becomes more important for Google Adwords

Google officially announced an update to the way they calculate an ad’s quality score, giving more weight to the keyword relevance and the landing page quality. So what does this mean? Well in short it means the difference between your click-through rate (CTR) and a competitor’s CTR is going to become more important. The best way Google can measure the relevance of your ad to a search query is by comparing its CTR to that of the other advertisers, and if you’re advertising too broadly compared with other advertisers you’re going to find your ads appearing lower down the page. In regards to landing page quality, most advertisers aren’t ever affected by this as it’s designed to penalise poor (potentially spammy) advertisers. But you may find in some cases this becomes more common. More info here.


Google +1s arrive on display ads

By linking your ads with your site via the +1 button, your site’s popularity and social capital can be used to enhance the ad, and vice-versa. Maybe just the image below will be a better way of explaining it. More info here.

Image from SearchEngineWatch.com


Bid-per-Call (rather than Bid-per-Click) introduced to Adwords

In addition to bidding for clicks and acquisitions, advertisers will very soon be able to bid for phone calls when users search on desktops and tablets. When using Google Adwords Call Metrics a unique phone number is placed next to the advertisers’ ads that redirects through to the business number if called. Now, with the ability to bid directly for these phone calls, advertisers with a specific value-per-phone-call in mind can speed up the efficiency of their campaign (call volume limitations apply though). More info here.


Google Adwords Express launched for small local businesses in the UK

Adwords Express allows local businesses to start advertising on Adwords in literally five minutes. The reason they can do this is that all control over the account is relinquished to Google, including the search queries that are targeted. Definitely not intended for any business serious about running a cost efficient campaign, but may allow a few very small businesses to test the water. More info here.


Mobile ads now in apps

Google have now launched Custom Search Ads in apps, allowing businesses to place advertisements within apps such as a local restaurant finder. More info here.


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