QR Codes: Three contrasting infographics

10 uses for QR codes

The recent New Media Breakfast in Glasgow and Edinburgh concentrated on the topic of QR codes.  These dot matrix squares have been part of life in Japan for many a year and are cropping up more and more here in the UK and even Edinburgh.

Their ease of production makes them ideal for linking offline marketing with online, bringing a double whammy of instant gratification for the user and trackability for the marketeer.

QR codes risk being used inappropriately, especially when the strategy starts with the technology and works towards the content rather than the other way round.  However, in the right hands they are a useful addition to the online marketer’s tool kit.

I’ve stumbled upon three QR code-focused infographics recently which give somewhat contrasting insights and stats into their up take and use.  It’s also another reminder to question everything you hear.  In today’s world it is all too easy to find stats that support a view point  but aren’t necessarily based on any academic rigour (although I’m sure that many of the stats shown below will be).

the rise of QR codes

The Rise of QR Codes

(source: Queaar)


a slow response to QR codes

Slow Response to QR codes

(source: TopSEOLiverpool)


Scanapalooza: QR Codes

(source: Lab42)

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