Quiet News Day: You are listening to…erm…Tim Barlow?

It’s fair to say I have a little way to go before I become Pete Tong, but of late, I’ve been getting some real exposure to the radio-type format that is audio podcasting.

This is thanks to a new residency slot on the Social Media Podcast. (Cringing whilst writing the word “residency”, but hey ho)

Social Media Podcast

I do the “on the phone” bit for Gordon White and his Glasgow based team on the podcast, answering search marketing related questions such as “Is a regularly updated YouTube channel good for SEO” (It is, by the way)

On the back of that though I was also kindly asked to make a guest appearance this week on the Edinburgh-based “Quiet News Day” (QND) podcast, which is published today.

QND looks at the news from a Scottish media related angle (looking at both traditional and social media).

Quiet News Day

After getting over the the perennial problem I have of having to explain that I consider myself a Scot rather than a southern jessie, the topics I threw my two pence worth into were:

  • The role of blogging vs traditional journalism in relation to the Cumbria tragedy
  • The habit (or lack) of linking to the source of a story – who’s worst, bloggers or journalists? (this one was inspired by a piece done by Danny Sullivan about the “capable adult” who was run-over whilst using Google Maps directions and is now suing Google)
  • Will the forthcoming changes to Digg be enough to revert the seeming decline in user numbers?
  • A fairly wide ranging discussion on some of the newer advert formats available online including Facebook Ads, iAd, Sponsored Tweets etc

Once published, you’ll be able to listen to Quiet News Day podcast (episode 32) here.

More about the Social Media Podcast.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, here’s a guide to get you started: About.com’s How to Listen to Podcasts.

If your interests lie more towards how businesses can make use of podcasts for internet marketing then you may be interested in my notes from a recent presentation given by the Social Media Podcast team.  Otherwise get in touch with us to discuss how it may fit into your online marketing mix.

We continue…

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