Reducing credit card charge backs

What on earth does this have to do with search engines you might ask? You’d probably be right, but bear with me.

Each month, when going through our credit card statements (they need to be seen to be believed) there are always one or two transactions that I don’t recognise. They turn out to be comapnaies that have different business names, to their trading names. Typically, on investigation, they relate to some small amount for an annual renewal where the “invoice” e-mail was either never sent or was caught by our spam filters.

I usually end up calling our credit card provider asking them for more information which is inconvenient for me, the card provider and the provider of this month’s mystery service.

Before I do all that though I always take the business name from the credit card statement and do an online search for it. Invariably nothing comes up.

So a plea. If you take payments by credit card, simply make sure that somewhere on your website you include the exact words that will come up on the statement. If your site has been created in a search engine friendly manner, then, in a month or so’s time, your customer should find you without a problem.

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