Relaxation of Google AdWords Trademark Restrictions

There’s an announcement of a significant change in Google’s trademark policy.

This only applies to the US but I think it is a reasonable bet that the UK will follow suit at some point.

The current policy (and that which still applies in the UK) in simple terms states that Google allows advertisers to bid for keywords that include a trademark term but not allow the trademark term to be included in the advert text.

This is now being relaxed (in the US) to allow the trademarked term to appear in the ad text if (and I paraphrase) the advertiser:

  • sells (or clearly facilitates the sale of) the goods or services corresponding to a trademark term.
  • sells components, replacement parts or compatible products corresponding to a trademark
  • provides non-competitive and informative details about the goods or services corresponding to the trademark term provided they don’t seek to sell or facilitate the sale of the goods or services of a competitor of the trademark owner.

(full details)

Whether or not you will be pleased about this will depend on which side of the fence you sit on. It’s great news for unofficial resellers. Brand owners and authorised resellers may be less smitten.

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