Review of Attacat’s 2007 Predictions part 2

Continuing our review of our 2007 predictions ….

The rest of the predictions we would have “almost put money on”

Prediction 6 – Google will take landing page quality into account for determining your AdWords ranking. Google will also give an indication of quality score which will wake up some currently inefficient advertisers.

Verdict – Correct

How much “waking up” of advertisers it did is however debatable. There is so much going on in AdWords accounts these days that the average advertiser would be hard pushed to keep on top of it.

Prediction 7 – Local search will continue to mature, further eroding the utility of yellow page style directories. More and more small businesses will wake up to this and move their YP budget to online spend. This will include using Yahoo! as their new platform allows geo-targeting similar to that available in AdWords.

Verdict – Partially Correct

There is no doubt I have had several conversations with advertisers about moving there YP budgets to AdWords, but I fear that Yahoo!s improvements have gone largely unnoticed.

The more far fetched ones

Prediction 1 – Google will launch a yellow pages-style paper directory (or alternatively will buy a YP company and start selling space using an auction, rather than fixed cost system);

Verdict – Far Fetched

It’s been a busy year of acquisitions for Google but there is no Google printed directory. We have seen Google play around with selling print media via auction though.

Prediction 2 – Yahoo!s keyword tool will break completely.

Verdict – Not that far off the mark

It seems to be more of a very slow painful death. It’s a shame for Yahoo as both Google and Microsoft are sorting their act out in this regard.

Prediction 3 -UK property prices will drop by 25%

Verdict – Not that far off the mark.

Utterly wishful thinking Predictions

Below are all the predictions which have all duly been wishful thinking. The only one worth commenting on though is that Google does appear to be making some real progress on Geo-targeting (but is understandably well short of 100% accurate)

  1. Google AdWords market share will decrease to 50%, allowing some other players to compete;
  2. Yahoo! Search Marketing will rebrand again to something that is easier to fit into a short, snappy sentence;
  3. Microsoft AdCenter will become easy to use;
  4. Geo-targeting offered by the main PPC providers will become 100% accurate.

Navel Gazing Predictions

Prediction 1 – Attacat will consolidate its position as the SEA Agency of choice for ambitious entrepreneurs

Verdict Partially correct

It is unashamed navel gazing, but we are definitely better known, at least in and around Edinburgh. Plenty of space to get better though.

Prediction 2 – Attacat will become more environmentally conscious;

Verdict Correct (but a bit of work still to do)

Prediction 3 – There will be another terrible Attacat Christmas card.

Verdict Correct. Apologies.

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