Robert Gordon University Social Seminar : Slides for Students

Last week I went back to visit the university where I studied – the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. I was kindly asked by my former lecturer, Tim Conner, to deliver a seminar on social media to his first and second year students. The students, who are on the Media and Corporate Communications/PR courses, are currently working on a project which requires them to promote a local band, artist or group through the production of rich media and distribution through social networks.

I had a great time being back in the Aberdeen Business School and meeting the students who have some really good ideas on how they’re going to tackle the project. Split into groups, they’re going to be promoting a local hip hop club night (which will hopefully feature the Beastie Boys’ Mike D!), Global Sports Village – a Ning network for football folks, the Fashion Management course at RGU, and a local artist.

As promised, I’ve uploaded the slides for the students on Slides Share:

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Also, a big thank you to all the students who attended, it was a great turnout and was nice to meet you guys. And thank you Tim for having me, despite the backwards technology – we got there in the end! For those of you who don’t know Tim, he is one of the forward-thinking lecturers who keeps his students up to date through Facebook and Posterous, which allows him to answer any student queries with the simple answer – “it’s all on the blog!”

I’m happy to answer any questions from you guys, so feel free to comment below or get in touch with me through Twitter or Facebook!

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