celebrating 15 years of being online

We would like to wish long-time client a very happy 15th birthday (and a massive thanks for working with us for the last 8 of those!).

rugby store 15 percent off

 (and they are celebrating with a 15% off sale this weekend)

Jon and I were lucky enough to be invited to last night’s no-holds-barred celebration at the Cardrona hotel which featured hilarious speakers including one of my original rugby heroes Iain Milne (aka “The Bear”) and Paisley comic Sandy Strang.  Of course there were also some good stories of rugbystore’s history.  Some of the jokes are repeatable but I have a memory like a sieve for that sort of thing (the only ones I can remember are not really suitable for a family friendly blog like this).  So thank you guys for a truely memorable evening.

iain milne

Iain Milne – the only person I ever got an autograph from (not last night, when I was 10, just in case you are wondering)

rugbystore evolved out of a local Scottish Borders sports shop that was founded in the 70s and grew into a chain of shops covering the Borders and Northumberland. rugbystore (RS) is now one of Scotland’s biggest e-commerce success stories, functioning out of a 16,000 square foot premises in Peebles (indeed the same business park that Attacat evolved out of 11 or so years ago).

I’ve been sharing this journey with them since 2006.  Jon’s been working with them since he arrived at Attacat.  We started out with some good old Google AdWords advertising.  This is an account which we still manage and one that sees some of the best performances of any e-retail AdWords account I know (a testament to quality product selection and building great relationships with brands to get exclusives and deals that allow RS to compete).

Over time the relationship has evolved to covering more and more.  We worked in close conjunction with RS and my brother’s business EBS, to deliver a new website last year. We were grateful to be trusted with the website plan with the remit of specifying a site that would have an increased conversion rate and had search engine considerations built in.  This included producing the site map, detailed wireframes and of course the search engine optimisation recommendations that form part of that.  rugbystore’s in house design team then took these wireframes and turned them into something beautiful and inspiring.  EBS then built the site to make it all into a functioning product that links with EBS’ Inforgen ecommerce business management system.

More recently we’ve written a marketing plan to take rugbystore to the next level.  It’s a plan we are excited about as it pays heed to all the lessons of the  training days and workshops we’ve done with rugbystore over the last year or two.  We are really looking forward to working with them to see that come to fruition and cementing the brand’s presence at the forefront of rugby retail for the next 15 years.  Thank you rugbystore, it is, and has been, a real pleasure working with you.

A very very happy birthday to you!


Last night’s speaker line up from L to R: Fraser Patterson (MD at RS), Sandy Strang, Kenny Oliver (Director at RS), Iain Milne

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